Kawasaki King Kong 500 Badminton Hybrid Shuttlecocks (1 DOZ)

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  • Hybrid Shuttle
  • Duck Feather + Cork base
  • Plastic Shaft for Added Durability
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Durable shuttles due to their innovative 3 piece construction.

  • Feather : Duck
  • Cork  :  Composite Cork
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Kawasaki King Kong shuttles are a revolution in durability. With reduced production time due to their revolutionary process involving less production steps the King Kong shuttle series provides an excellent quality shuttle at a fraction of the cost of some others. With a cork base, plastic shaft piece and feather tips, these shuttles will astound you with their flight quality and durability for an amazing price.

Highly popular across the world for their value for money these shuttles are ideal for clubs, junior tournaments, training and match play.

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