Li-Ning Tectonic 7 Instinct Badminton Racket [Frame Only]

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Weight: 5U (75-79g)
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Balance: Head Heavy
Weight : 5U (75-79g)
Flex : Flexible


The Instinct version of the TecTonic 7 is a manoeuvrable option with easier playability due to its lighter weight and more flexible shaft.

Tectonic rackets are designed to strategically flex at 5 and 7 o'clock positions on the rackets head giving you enhanced power behind every shot. Li-Ning COMBAT rackets have a heavier head and a higher balance point. Suitable for very strong, aggressive players looking for MAXIMUM power.

Cubic Locking - Cubic grommet locked within the slim groove is more stable and could provide extra protection for string, effectively absorb shock to get an accurate placement, improve controlling performance.

TB-Nano - The nanometer technology combines the carbon fiber and resin more closely, which provides better elasticity, stability and durability, and brings you a more powerful striking.

Wing Stabilizer - Introducing aviation technology to control the frame restoration precisely and restrain shake resulting from vibration waves. Li-Ning Wing Stabilize System could improve the anti-torsion performance and bring a quick, exact and stable second stroke.

UHB Shaft - Cutting-edge technological, combined with real data collected from player practice, optimised shaft performance through continuous management. The racket shaft with frontal bending point is accomplished, greatly improving smash performance.

Stabilised Elastic Shaft System - The slim shaft is filled with aramid fibre (a high-strength, high-modulus material with good elasticity and toughness, making it the main material in body armour), which effectively reduces the amplitude and reduce injury risk.

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