Looking for a new racket but unsure which to get? Check out our latest badminton racket demo service where you are able to test out new rackets before buying!

How does it work?

We collect a £10 fee for EACH racket being tested (up to 2 frames). The racket's full price is also collected as a deposit via card payment. At the end of the demo period if you wish to purchase the racket the demo fee is deducted from the final price.

CONTACT US to see which frames are available.

Currently we have the following range of rackets available for players to demo :

Intermediate Frames

Advanced Frames

Step 1 : Preparation

Check out our detailed RACKET GUIDE to identify which specifications and budget fits your game.

Contact or visit us to enquire on the availability of the racket's you wish to demo. Up to 2 rackets allowed.

Step 2: Fees

There will be a £10 demo fee PER racket . The racket's full price will be collected as deposit and returned at the end.

The demo fee (£10) will be deducted off the price if you wish to purchase the racket.

Step 3 : Demo Process

You can demo the racket up to 7 days. Please ensure the racket is not used in doubles games and should only be tested in singles play.

Step 4 : Return

Please return the frame(s) to us at the end of the demo period. We will inspect the condition of the frame and process your requests.