Li-Ning AX FORCE 80 Badminton Racket [Frame Only]

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Weight: 5U (75-79g)
Sale price£189.99
  • Brand: LI-NING
  • Model Series: AXFORCE
  • Model Name: AXFORCE 80
  • String Tension Range: 20-29 lbs, recommended with LI-NING No.1 strings for optimal performance.
  • Player Level: Professional
  • Player Style: All Round
  • Balance : Head Heavy
  • Flex: Medium
  • Weight: 78 grams
  • Grip Size: G5/S3 (Small)
  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • Overall Length: 675mm
  • Country of Origin: China

Li-Ning AXForce 80 5U Badminton Racket

Elevate your game to Olympic levels with the Li-Ning AXForce 80 5U Badminton Racket, a marvel of engineering designed for advanced players who command speed and precision on the court. With an ultra-lightweight design and endorsed by badminton legends Chen Long, Srikanth Kidambi, and PV Sindhu, this racket is your ticket to unmatched performance and agility.

Superior Construction and Technology:

  • Ultra-Lightweight 5U Category: At just 78 grams, the AXForce 80 is among the lightest rackets available, ensuring rapid swings and quicker reflexes, perfect for an all-round play style.
  • Head-Heavy Balance: With a balance point at 304mm, this racket provides a head-heavy feel, allowing for powerful smashes and deep clears, even with its lightweight frame.
  • Medium Flex: The perfect balance of flexibility and stiffness in the shaft offers a versatile play style, making it easier for you to generate power on your shots.
  • Military Grade Carbon Fiber: Both the head and shaft are constructed from military-grade carbon fiber, providing unparalleled strength, stability, and durability.

Advanced Technologies for Peak Performance:

  • TB-Nano Binding Technology: Enhances the bond between carbon fiber and resin for improved power transfer, stability, and durability.
  • UHB Shaft: Tailored to improve the bending point and smash performance, based on cutting-edge scientific research and player data.
  • Wing Stabiliser: Utilizes aviation technology to stabilize frame vibration, enhancing control and comfort while improving racket recovery speed.
  • Hot Melt Technology: Ensures a more uniform distribution of resin with carbon fiber, increasing the strength and consistency of play.
  • Cubic Locking: Provides extra string protection within a slim groove, absorbing shock more effectively for precise shot placement and improved control.
  • Stabilised Torsion Angle (STA): Improves torsion resistance, quickly stabilizing the frame for high-quality strikes and more effective attacks.
  • HDF Shock Absorption System: Incorporates advanced shock-absorption materials to reduce the load on the wrist and arm, enhancing smash performance while minimizing injury risks.

The Li-Ning AXForce 80 5U Badminton Racket comes unstrung with a cover included, offering customization to match your playing style and tension preferences. 

Not in a rush? Check out our detailed guide here.

  1. Purpose of Play

    • Beginners: Opt for even-balanced rackets, which ensure ease in learning and versatility in shots.
    • Intermediate Players: Depending on playing style, consider rackets that are slightly head-heavy (for power) or slightly head-light (for speed).
    • Advanced Players: These players often have specific preferences. They might opt for rackets that amplify power, speed, or control, depending on their playing style.
  1. Weight Class:

    • Ultralight (5U,6U,7U): Easier to control, quick swing. Suitable for beginners and defensive players.
    • Standard (4U): Provides a balanced feel. Suitable for intermediate players.
    • Heavy (3U): Emphasizes power, might be harder to maneuver. Preferred by advanced players.
  1. Balance Point:

    • Head-Heavy: Emphasizes power, ideal for smashing.
    • Even-Balance: Offers a mix of power and speed. Suitable for players who play both at the net and the back of the court.
    • Head-Light: Emphasizes speed and quick reflexes, ideal for front court plays and doubles.
  1. String Tension:

    • Beginners: 20-23 lbs. Provides a larger sweet spot and is more forgiving.
    • Intermediate: 23-26 lbs. Offers a good mix of power and control.
    • Advanced: 27+ lbs. Delivers precise control but requires consistent hitting technique.
  1. Shaft Flexibility:

    • Flexible: Easier for beginners. Generates power without much effort but might compromise on accuracy.
    • Medium: Balanced flex and suitable for many intermediate players.
    • Stiff: Preferred by advanced players. Offers precision but requires good technique to generate power.
  1. Grip Size:

  • Smaller Hands: G5 or smaller
  • Average Hands: G4
  • Larger Hands: G3

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