Quick Tips to Improve Your Jump Ability in a Badminton Game

How Do Improve My Jump Ability in a Badminton Game

Have you ever questioned how the pro badminton players jump so high to smash but you couldn’t? Are you one of those who wish to jump higher and take a competitive advantage on the ground? Are you serious about improving your jump? Read on to explore quick techniques and some basic exercises for muscle strength training that can help you get impressive jumps.

Before moving ahead, let’s understand why you should jump higher in the game.

Benefits of Jump Higher

Well, it provides multiple benefits including striking faster with full power, increased hang time and more. It improves the interception skills that help a player to unleash powerful smashes. This ability makes a player destroyer in the game.

A jump at the right time with a certain height is pivotal to reaching overhead shots quickly and maintaining a strong hold over the rallies using a racket and arm efficiently. A good jumping ability enhances your positioning during the game & you can have good control of your footwork. With increasing the height, you can cover more ground quickly and respond to the opponent’s smash

Do You Know?

The fastest smash speed in badminton (male) is 567 km/h by Satwiksairaj Rankireddy (India) and 438 km/h is reported smash (female) by  Tan Pearly (Malaysia) in 2023.

One of the reasons behind the fastest hit is the vertical jump.

Let’s understand the science behind the higher vertical leap

We all can jump the science behind it is quite interesting. If you know Newton’s third law, you can easily understand the physics behind it. The rule is simple, if you apply force to the ground,  the equal & opposite reaction. So, when you want to jump higher in the air, you have to put a strong force into the ground more than your weight. That’s the force that uplifts you in the air.

Still confusing? Let’s understand it better with the second law of Newton – Force = Mass X Acceleration (F=MA). We know that the earth has its force that helps us stand normally by counteracting the gravitation force.

For example, your weight is 155 pounds

Force = 154 pounds X 0 = 0

Force has a direct equation with mass and acceleration. When you increase your force to jump high, the acceleration will increase too.

 You might have experienced it too. If not, you can do it right away.

Jump with some effort, a force is generated and you can go up a certain height, now jump with the full effort, and your jumping height will be higher. The reason is your acceleration.

Another element in the formula is mass and it should not be avoided. If you try to jump with some weight on your shoulder, your jump height will be lower than jumping without extra weight. That’s why a heavy person I not able to jump high due to not generation good acceleration and not enough force to jump high.

Things You Need to Do Improve Your Jump Based on Science:

Reduce Your Body Weight:

Being heavier is not good in badminton games. Because it doesn’t help you generate good acceleration to jump higher. Better to be in good shape, and focus on muscle strength to follow both Newton’s second and third law.

Enhance Your Ability to Generate Force:

With the help of strength training, you can generate more force and better acceleration & jump higher. Work on your muscles, and make them stronger to produce more acceleration during the jump.

Plyometrics (Jump Training):

It has 3 phases and is best to develop strength.

  • Eccentric: In your squat position, prepare for the vertical leap.
  • Amortization: Time to upward. Keep it as short as you can to generate kinetic energy and so more force to produce.
  • Concentric: The jump, maximum possible height in the air.

When you land on the ground, you are in the first phase. This is a cycle and you have to focus on phases to improve your jumping ability.

Warm Up Exercise to Improve Your Jump:


To activate your footwork, skipping is a great to start. It is not for just playgrounds. It makes your legs flexible and brings coordination which is necessary for jumps. Add different variations to your routine.

Squat & Box jumps:

No introduction is needed. Common for every athlete to enhance power in the legs. Aim for 8-10 repetitions for each exercise.

Hurdle Hops:

Beneficial for quick jumps. It produces force and acceleration both. That’s why it is popular now among the athletes.

Agility Ladder Drills:

It challenges your speed, moving ability & coordination. With this exercise, you get control over the footwork, moving speed and leg coordination – the primary requirement for the higher jump.

Make sure when you do exercise, do not forget to wear quality shoes. Browse a wide range of shoes for badminton players.

Test Your Jump:

Exercise for two weeks, respect the science and keep your goal in mind, you can see some positive changes in your game. You see yourself as an offensive player with your faster jump smashes. Believe that, after a couple of months, your opponents will start asking about your training routine.

Aim for High, Improve your skills and play the best.