Defense in Badminton - Importance & Techniques to Improve

Every badminton player should be able to defend the smash from the opponent. It is one of the most valuable skills in the game. In this game, it is called “Good Defense is also a Good Offence”. When you are pro at defence, it is next to impossible for an opponent to win a point against you.

It is simply saying that “The harder your rival tries to break your defence, the higher the chances he/she will make a mistake.

Generally, we admire smashing masters but the majority of the time, the underdog can take all the appreciation and winning points just because of his skill of defence. The reason is simple, a full-proof defense can make an opponent frustrated for not getting winning points even though he is good at smashing hard.

Let’s dive into more and bring something good for you.


Why Defense is an Important Skill in a Badminton Game?

We know that “Offence is the best defence” in the Hokey game while here it is the opposite. In Badminton “Being defensive is offensive for an opponent”.

Welcome all the smashes with your defensive skills and make your opponent hungry to get the winning points. This is the psychology of a game to keep yourself protected on the court and leverage the defensive skills to earn some good points.

The basic principle of being defensive is to be an active defence. If a player continuously plays defensive mode, then it is considered as a negative defense and it will not help a player to win points all the time. While playing defence, you must find the opportunities to counterattack and put yourself in an attacking mode to surprise the opponent and turn him into a defensive mode.

The primary purpose of defence is to neutralize the opponent’s offence & regain the momentum in the game. So, a player must learn defensive tactics and keep himself organized during an intense game.


Techniques to Improve Your Defense Strategy

Fantastic Footwork & Quick Reactions:

The very first step in Badminton Defense is selecting the right shot at a time to either grab the points quickly or position yourself well for follow-ups.

You need to be active, alert & react promptly while playing the game. It will help you to counterattack and save your points. If you are late for a fraction of a section, you might lose winning points.

Practice makes perfect, so invest your time more on your footwork and prompt reaction techniques for the defensive play so you can keep your hold on the court. Keep yourself prepared to battle opponents with active defence in mind. Do not give your opponent an opening to dominate your game.

We all know that Badminton requires lots of stamina, flexibility, reflexes, footwork and strategy to ace the game.


Do Not Let Your Rival to Control the Game:

Playing defensively is vital in the Badminton game but make sure the opponent does not dominate you and control the rally. If you keep playing in the defensive mode, your opponent will have more time to hit the shuttlecock harder and harder to win points. If you can keep him off balance, he will have a tough time hitting and grabbing points.

The basic rule is “Understand the surroundings and react promptly to what an opponent does” Just keep yourself prepared to return the shuttlecock in his court anyhow. It is essential for a victory over your opponents.


Work on Your Defensive Strategy:

Before starting to play a game, it is important to understand your opponent’s gaming skills and his behaviour on the court. It will help you what kind of defensive techniques you have to use to block the smash. So, better to spend time on planning and potential situations where you have to be stronger & skillful to avoid giving winning points to your opponent.

A good defensive strategy can reward you in critical situations and provide you with an edge over your rival. Never let know an opponent your next move. Surprise him with your out-of-box move and win the points. This is possible only when you have worked on your opponent’s strategic playing skills.


Bonus: Use the Right Gear

The gear you use for Badminton can make you win or lose the game. You must use standard equipment and tools to win the game. There are certain equipment that can help in your defensive play.

For example, the shoes you wear should fit well, they will help you in your court movement and make a good grip on the ground. Always use the equipment that is comfortable for you.

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There are multiple ways to improve your defensive game, you just need to start practising it. Being defensive is not just blocking the smash but playing mental games, use of footwork and the right time to dive. A defensive mindset helps you in a game where your opponent is better than you. Make yourself ready with every level of opponents to play fearlessly with your pro defensive skills.