"Needed a same day tennis racket re-string. Smash Racket Pro duly obliged. Great job, great price and timing was perfect."

Stringing Process

Stage 1: Collection and Initial Inspection
Upon collection of your tennis racket, we conduct an initial inspection to check the overall condition of the racket. This helps identify any pre-existing issues, such as cracks or dents, which we will notify you about immediately.

Stage 2: Consultation
Next, we engage in a thorough consultation with you. This includes discussing your playing style, frequency of play, string preferences (type, tension, etc.), and any past issues or preferences. With our extensive experience, we can also offer advice and recommendations on the best string options to enhance your performance.

Stage 3: Stringing Process
Armed with your preferences and the insights from our consultation, we begin the meticulous process of stringing your racket. Using high-quality equipment and years of honed skill, we ensure each racket is strung to precise tension specifications for optimal performance.

Stage 4: Quality Assurance
Once the racket is strung, we perform a thorough quality assurance check. This includes verifying the string tension, checking the string pattern for any irregularities, and inspecting the racket frame for any damage that might have occurred during the stringing process.

Stage 5: Delivery and Follow-up
The final stage involves returning the racket to you and explaining the work that was done. We will also provide some tips for maintaining the string's tension and overall racket care. After a few days, we follow up with you to ensure you're satisfied with the stringing service and the racket's performance on the court.

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Stringing Service Quick FAQ

Are your shots lacking in power?

Do you find your spin and slices not as sharp?

Are your net shots not as tight and well –controlled?

Does your strings sound dull and dead?

Do you have a broken string?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then your tennis racket needs a new restring.

When you visit us we will carry out the following procedure to ensure your racket receives the highest quality of care.

Inspect your racket frame thoroughly for any cracks and damages. 

We will not advise you to restring your racket if there are any visible cracks or significant damage to the racket frame.

Inspect the grommets for any signs of damage or wear and tear

Damaged grommets will reduce the lifespan of a new string causing it to break much faster. During our restringing process we will replace any damage grommets, taking special notice of the area where the string broke in the first place.

Provide you detailed advice on which string to choose.

We know it can be very confusing with the wide range of strings and brands in the current market. Our team of stringers have been stringing for many years and will provide you with detailed advice on choosing the right string for your game.  We will take into account what you are looking for; durability, power or control and offer detailed advice on which string will bring the best out of your game.

Providing you with advice on the right tension for your game. 

String tensions are influenced by a variety of factors such as what kind of shuttles you play with and the standard you play at.  Our staff will identify the key points from your game and advice you on the best tension you should get to ensure you get the best performance possible.

Once the restring process is complete we will contact you via email or text message for you to come and pick up your freshly strung racket.

If you would like to read up on the different types of strings and tensions, then our ‘how to choose a tennis string’ guide will provide detailed information.

Our re-string prices start from £15 and vary depending on string choices.

Our experienced staff will gladly assist you in choosing the right string and tension to bring out the best in your game. You can also check out our tennis string guide for detailed information.

With 3 fully automatic machines, we are able to offer a standard 24h turnaround. We also offer a same day service for an extra charge of £4.

Additionally you can also contact us or book a restring and there will be no additional charge!

This depends on how busy we are. The best way is to pre-book via the contact form and email to ensure we are able to string for you.

String Choices

We stock a huge range of tennis strings from the big brands : Babolat ,Head, Wilson, Prince, Luxilon , Solinco, Yonex .

We are also able to source certain strings for you that is not available in-store.

Yes you can provide your own string. There will be a £12 labour charge for the service.