7 Gift Ideas for Badminton Players on This Christmas 2023

Christmas is approaching and it’s a time to bring smiles on family members or friends’ faces by surprising them with special gifts. Is there any person in your life who lives and breathes Badminton? Yes, you have a good opportunity to gift something thoughtful & useful.

We have identified some precious gift ideas that a badminton player never refuses. Let’s have a look at them.

A Quality Badminton Racket:

The most common and highly useful gift for a badminton player. Every player needs a racket to showcase their skills on a court. Before buying any racket for him/her, make sure what kind of racket, he/she uses in daily practices. Currently, a variety of rackets are available in the market – lightweight, heavyweight, different brands and shapes.

Please ensure a racket is made of carbon fibre, it helps to control the power and balance.

This will help you select the most suitable racket for him/her. You can purchase online or from a sporting goods store as well.

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A Good Pair of Badminton Shoes:

An essential for a badminton player to prevent skidding & slipping on the court while playing. A second gift to come in mind when your friend or family member is a badminton lover.

You must ensure a pair of shoes provides comfort, traction, flexibility & stability. Branded shoes do have such elements that help a badminton player to have good control & help to move feet efficiently in the game.

While choosing shoes as a gift, make sure you know the right size. Different brands have different measurements for size. The wrong size of shoes never supports a player instead irritates him.

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Badminton Solo Trainer:

Practice makes a beginner into a pro badminton player. If you want him to practice hard and achieve big in the game, Badminton Solo Trainer is a perfect gift. It is helpful for him to practice when no one is around to practice.

At that time, this solo trainer becomes a good partner to practice and learn some new moves to surprise the opponents in a big match. Practice basic to some extraordinary hitting drills without another person.

The best part is it can be installed at home, no need to find a ground to practice.

Badminton Accessories:

If you know that the gift receiver has branded shoes, a quality racket and shuttlecocks. You can gift some badminton Accessories that can help improve the game and gain achievements. From Shuttlecocks to grips and bags to sweatbands, multiple accessories can surprise any badminton player.

They need some accessories more than just shoes and racket. Such accessories are helpful in different situations while playing. Sweatbands to maintain coolness during high-profile matches, grip to have good control of a racket, bags to keep all the equipment together and shuttlecocks.

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Ticket to Tournaments:

No badminton player can ever refuse to watch their favourite players hitting the shuttlecocks in an intense match. If you want to bring a special smile to your loved one’s face, provide him with a badminton tournament ticket. If possible, go with him/her to double the excitement.

In the UK, the YONEX All England Badminton Championship is worth watching for a badminton lover where he/she can big stars in full action in thrilling matches. Also, explore Birmingham – a city with vibrant culture & amazing attractions to make an entire trip memorable.

You must receive a big thank you for the special gift received.

Racket restringing:

As we all know racket is an essential element for a badminton player to succeed in a game. But over time, with a lot of practice and playing several matches, the string of a racket loses the tension (required for hard-hitting and controlling the shuttlecock). When the strings lose it, it is harder for a player to have good control over strikes and balance on the strokes.

This is an opportunity for you to give a gift of restringing the racket. You can go nearby sports store or hire professionals to set the stringing correctly. It is an easier way to showcase your love and care for the game.

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Private Lessons or Coaching:

Unless your loved one is a professional badminton player, there is always a space for improvement. You can find some nearby academy or a coach who can provide some private lessons to teach some tricks to improve the game.

A single private lesson from a professional coach is enough to develop a skill and understand the fundamentals with ease. This will increase the spirit during games in the Christmas holidays.

Hope you have got enough ideas about the Christmas gifts for a Badminton lover. Let’s help enhance the skill of your loved one this Christmas and make it memorable for years.