Yonex Astrox 99 Game Badminton Racket - Cherry/Sunburst [Strung]

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Weight: 4U (80-84g)
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Weight : 4U (80-84g)
Shaft Flexibility: Medium
Balance : Head Heavy
Frame:HM Graphite / Nanomesh NEO / Tungsten
Shaft:HM Graphite / Namd


The Yonex Astrox 99 Game is the younger brother of the 99 Pro (used by some of the worlds best). The Game version is designed to replicate the capabilities of the 99 Pro but in a more user-friendly manner, tailored to suit the average club player.

Made in Taiwan

The 99 Game is desgined with power in mind, suited to singles or doubles players looking for head heavy punch and relentless steep attacks from the rear of the court. Yonex have laced this racket with it's latest technologies, including Nanomesh Neo which ensures a stronger more flexible frame, while increased shaft flex creates maximum power.

The 99 Game also includes Rotational Generator System, applying counterbalance theory to weight distribution to align both power and speed. Newly introduced is the Power Assist Bumper which is attached at the top of the frame to enforce heavier, increased power by configuring the weight directed into the shuttlecock with a tungsten-infused nylon bumper.


POWER ASSIST BUMPER: A tungsten-infused nylon bumper, has been added to the top of the frame for increased swingweight and power.

ROTATIONAL GENERATOR SYSTEM : Offers counterbalanced weight distribution, with weight optimised in key areas of the racket for max control and shot transition.

NAMD: Yonex's revolutionary and premier graphite material is now present in both the shaft and the racket head.

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