Li-Ning Turbo Charging 70 Instinct Badminton Racket [Frame Only]

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Weight: 5U (75-79g)
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Balance: Head Heavy
Weight : 5U (75-79g)
Flex : Medium


Super light racket that is extremely versatile and offers smooth handling. Ideal for front-court players who like to attack the net.

Endorsed by Double Olympic Champion Zhao Yunlei, the Turbo Charging 70 I badminton racket comes in vibrant colours and super light weight. It features an innovative trapezoidal frame construction that energizes the player with extra strong swing speeds and fast reaction times.

One of the most aerodynamic rackets around, the 70 I come with Li-Ning's innovative Dynamic Optimum Frame for increased control. This combines perfectly with the Stabilized Torsion System ensuring shots that are not hit with the sweet spot of the racket are designed to act almost as if they were. The increased control is especially useful to complement the extreme speed of the racket during fast rallies where you are able to execute accurate shots swiftly. Engineered to facilitate a fast attack style of play this super-light badminton racket features a flexible shaft and is easy to use. It's ideal for quick players with rapid attack and strong defensive skills.

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