Babolat Aero Boost RAFA Tennis Racket - Strung

Grip Size: G1
Sale price£74.99
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Strung : Babolat Spiraltek
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) : 260
Head Size (sq. in) : 102
Beam Width (mm) : 23-26-23
Balance (+/- 5mm): 340
String Pattern: 16x19
Length (inches): 27
Tension Range : 50-55 lbs
Composition: Graphite


Coming in striking colours, the Babolat Boost Aero Rafa Tennis Racket is designed for the intermediate club player wanting an easy to use frame.

The Babolat Boost Aero Rafa is a must-have for any beginner or veteran tennis player. This revolutionary racket has been designed with inspiration from world-class athlete, Rafa Nadal. With the Babolat Boost Aero, you’ll be able to hit powerful shots like smashes, drop shots and aces with ease.

The Babolat Boost Aero is lightweight and easy to grip – ensuring you have optimal control over your shots. Its graphite structure makes it incredibly light without compromising on durability or long-term life cycle. Babolat's brand new carbon fibre technology encourages confidence while playing on the court so you can turn up and dominate the game against your opponents. The well-balanced Babolat Boost Aero also reduces arm fatigue and increases chances of success in any match.

It’s no surprise that this racket has become one of Babolat's most popular and desired models due to its incredible features and design inspired by a legendary athlete. Available in 3 stylish colour options - yellow, purple and orange - the Babolat Boost Aero offers something for every kind of player! So if you're looking for a great quality racket that will last through even the longest games, then look no further than the Babolat Boost Aero Rafa Tennis Racket!


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