Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket - Features, Price, & Offers

For generations, tennis has captivated athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide. The game is a wonderful blend of strategy and physical and mental stamina. More and more people are turning towards playing tennis in their free time. However, they lose interest in the game early on because they didn’t pick the right racket. If you are trying to make a transition from a tennis enjoyer to a tennis player, then Smash Racket Pro has the right racket for you.

At Smash Racket Pro, you can find a wide range of tennis rackets made from quality materials for both beginner and pro tennis players. One of our best-performing tennis rackets currently is the Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket. This unique, one-of-a-kind racket, is compatible with every player. This article provides detailed information on the features, prices, and offers available on this racket.

Features of Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket

The Yonex Ezone Ace Tennis Racket is a beautifully engineered racket with several features designed to enhance your game-

  1. Variants-

Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket comes in six different grip size variants- G0, G1, G2, G3, G4, and G5. Aside from grip size, people can also select string selection, string tension, and racket grips. People can also seek professional recommendations while picking a string selection. Furthermore, the racket also comes in different weight and string patterns.

  1. Isometric Technology-

Isometric technology is one of the many reasons why Yonex is considered an innovator in tennis. Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket set a new standard in the tennis manufacturing industry with its unique approach to tennis racket design. All thanks to isometric technology. Compared to the regular round frame of the tennis racket, Yonex’s square-shaped isometric racket increases the surface area of the racket while offering better control without sacrificing power.

  1. Oval Pressed Shaft-

The shaft corners of the Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket are rounded. The oval-pressed shaft is designed for maximum impact, better directional control, and optimal spin. This design feature gives players more spin whilst simultaneously minimizing vibrations while playing.

  1. Balance-

With a balance point of 345 mm, the Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket is described as a high-balance racket. A head-heavy racket like this offers more support to players with shorter swings.

  1. String Pattern-

String pattern refers to the number of vertical and horizontal strings on a racket. String pattern influences the spin and control of the racket. There are two variants of string patterns, dense (18 x 20) and open (16 x 19). Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket has an open stringing pattern of 16 x 19. This wide cross-string pattern makes this type of racket ideal for tennis players who love the topspin. It also provides more power but the strings do wear out faster.

  1. Playability-

A head size of 102 sq. in. and weight of 260 grams makes the Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket the best racket for beginner and intermediate players. The isometric design of this racket helps reduce vibration, creating less train on the player’s shoulders and arms. This not only prevents injuries but enhances the comfort and playability of the player.

  1. Aero Shape-

The inverted frame layout of the Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket features a thinner frame face resulting in a lighter racket. Players can adjust the angle of this aero-shaped racket to make the middle and upper hoop more plush while still guaranteeing lower hoop stability.

Price of Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket

The price of the Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket is £189.99. The price of the racket for all variants is the same. However, opting for a racket grip and string update will increase the price of the rocket. The most expensive string update costs £25 while the cheapest string update will cost £18 more. On the other hand, the racket grips are relatively cheaper to update and range between £6.99 to £2. For instance, if you opt for a professional recommendation on the string and a Babolat VS Original Feel Black/Yellow (3-pack) racket grips, then you’ll be adding £20 and £6.49 to your purchase, respectively. You can also just opt for the racket as it is.   


On Smash Racket Pro, players can find exciting new offers on tennis rackets every time they shop. Currently on the Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket, Smash Racket Pro is offering-

  • A 57% discount on the racket. Right now, the price for this racket has been slashed from £189.99 to £81.99.
  • Free shipping on orders exceeding £70.
  • A 30-day return window.
  • A 1-month warranty.



Tennis rackets are an investment unto itself. Therefore, while buying a tennis racket you must consider your abilities as a player, along with the quality of the product. That is why you should shop for your tennis racket at Smash Racket Pro. At Smash Racket Pro, you can choose from a wide range of tennis rackets based on your affordability and with expert recommendations. For beginner and intermediate tennis players, we recommend Yonex EZONE Ace Tennis Racket, our bestselling and most popular tennis racket.

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