Myths & Misconceptions in Tennis Believed by Us Since Long

Myths & Misconceptions in Tennis Believed by Us Since Long

Myths are everywhere in the universe and run faster than anything else. They are also in the Tennis sports. Believe it or not, these have been passed from coaches to students. It is not just passing there too, even some good players are also taking myths as techniques. Well, some myths are popular even now in modern tennis while the truth is far from it.

Let’s have a deep dive into the most common myths and misconceptions in the modern tennis world.

To be a Good Tennis Player, You Must Be Talented

The most common misconception is not only in tennis but also in every sport. There is no denying that many players have god-gifted skills in playing the sports. If you do not have that doesn’t mean that you cannot play your sports. You can start it and make it perfected through routine practice and more intense practice. This is the only formula to ace your game.

We all heard that no one is born talented, still, some people forget it and put themselves back from the game. This is where a myth becomes even stronger and later it becomes the truth. No one comes with skills in their head from his mother’s womb. We have seen many players who weren’t in a condition to play Tennis at an early age but today are winning the games.

Play Forehand (Not Backhand) from Centre

We all have heard this line multiple times and many will agree on it including me. But there is only one exception: the ability of a player. It’s not a sigma rule that one has to play forehand from the centre to hit the ball hard. It depends on the individual’s skills. Before concluding, we all to find the strengths, powerful forehand and footwork formula. Based on the skills, it is decided whether you have to go with forehand or backhand from the centre to dominate the ball.

Players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer use their forehand strokes to dominate from the centre while Serena Williams and Andy Murray love to play with backhands to smash the ball to win. So, better to work on your skills and reliable strokes to hit a ball from the centre.

To Get Success: Rely on Depth of Shot

In Modern Tennis, the Depth of the shot is no longer a shot that provides quick points. Today, players train themselves for the baseline throughout their practice sessions. Thus, they know how to deal with that shot and easily hit back toward your court. We experience that players are good at deep return but not angle shots.

Today, Tennis lacks multiple-angle shots. An opponent has to cover a bigger area of a court to play a certain angled shot. If a player hits more balls with some angles, an opponent has to find more ways to deal with them. That is not possible for every opponent. Start practising angled shots, you will see your game improved in a short time.

Missed the Ball: Am I Doing Technically Wrong?

The most common myth is become a mindset of several Tennis players. You might be one of them. When you miss a ball, it is possible that you made a mistake. But correcting that mistake doesn’t mean that you will not do that again. It’s not your fault every time you miss it. Even some pro players miss too!

If you miss the shot, find the reason and do your best to tackle it in the next match. If you feel frustrated about “missing the ball”; ask your partner or a companion to get some advice or go for the coaching sessions to identify glitches in your game & do the best you can to improve your Tennis game.

To Be a Good Player You Should Have Born Talent or Genetics

False, False and remain False till eternity. This common myth implies that you either “ON” for the game or don’t. Top pro players like Roger, Roddick and Nadal have special characteristics that we see in their game and seem like godly gifted. This is not God-gifted but they made it perfect with techniques and lots of practices.

Well, they have advantages over others because of resources, proper coaching, intense training and more. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot improve your Tennis skills to the tournament level.

Most of the time, this myth is used by us as an excuse.


All of these myths are still somewhere in Tennis players’ minds. How long they would be in our minds? No one can guess it too. These myths are somehow transferred from coaches to students as a lesson. As more people are educated sooner or later, the chances are high that these myths will be busted.

Being a Passionate player, you need to focus on your game and skills instead of falling yourself into such myths roaming around you.