How Can You Win More Matches as a Serve Volleyer in Tennis

In tennis, we have had different styles of play. Serve volleying is one such more recognizable style of play where, after serving, the server moves quickly toward the net. This is done in an attempt to hit a volley. Many tennis players have made serve volleying their strengths and emerged as champions in tennis. You, too, can do the same. In this article, we have made serve and volley as our point of discussion. We will talk about its significance, why you should learn it, and some ways to improve.

What is the Significance of a Serve and Volley?

As a volleyer in tennis, you should excel in the art of serving to take your skills to new heights. It is a potent strategy to excel in your matches. This aggressive style demands precision, agility, and strategic prowess. Serving initiates each point and sets the tone for the ensuing volley exchanges. Hence, one must learn effective serving techniques for dictating play and gaining control on the court.

Why Should One Learn How to Serve?

As a volleyer, this is why you should learn how to serve:

  • Firstly, it initiates play. This is because serving starts at every point. Hence, you are getting control from the outset.
  • It also dictates the pace. A strong serve is going to put pressure on opponents, and they will be forced to react
  • Thirdly, it Sets up opportunities. We all know that well-placed serves create openings for winning shots.
  • It is going to control the momentum of your game. A reliable serve keeps the momentum on your side throughout the match.
  • The most important benefit is that it maximizes the advantages. Serving well increases your chances of holding serve. Now you know why it is a crucial aspect of winning matches.
  • It is going to build your confidence. Players having mastered their serve have the mental resilience needed for the game.
  • It enhances your overall game, and a proficient serve will complement other aspects of your game. You will thus become a more well-rounded player.
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Do You Know?

Timothy Henry Henman OBE a.k.a. Tim Henman a great British player is known for serve and volley style playing. He won 15 ATP career titles.


Ways to Improve Your Serve and Volley Play

Now, let us get started with some practical tips on how you can improve your serve. Practicing this and being consistent can make you the star of the game. 


  1. Slow How You Serve Currently

Slowing down your current serve refines your serve and volley game. You will have better control and precision if you slow down your serve. This also reduces any errors that you don't want to happen. If you didn’t know already, it will allow you to focus on adjusting your grip, stance, and ball toss. Slowly, you will have a strong foundation for increasing speed and power in the future.

  1. Make Use of Angles

Utilizing angles in your serve and volley strategy can significantly boost your game. Angles create opportunities to outmaneuver opponents and dictate play. By serving wide or down the line, you will be forcing your opponent to cover more ground. This is going to increase your chances of hitting a winning shot. Hence, you should aim to direct your serves toward the corners of the service box. This will make it quite challenging for your opponent to return effectively.

  1. Identifying Direction

The third is to identify the direction. As a tennis player, you will require this if you want to have a strategic placement on the court. First, you should assess your opponent's positioning and weaknesses. This will help you understand the direction required. Next, just aim for their weaker side or exploit open spaces. With this, you are only going to maximize your advantage.

  1. Simplicity is Important

In tennis, simplicity should be your motto to perfect your game. This is true for any form of game. So, just focus on executing the basic techniques you have learned. For example, keep your serve and volley strategy straightforward. You will notice how you will be reducing errors and being consistent. You should also prioritize accuracy. There is no need to play flashy shots. Hence, simplifying your approach is the way to go.

Why You Need Footwork Along with Serving and Volleying?

You must have heard your coach emphasizing the need to step up your footwork skills. It is the same for serving and volleying in tennis. It directly influences your ability to execute shots effectively. Firstly, good footwork enables you to move swiftly around the court. So you will always have an optimal position for each shot. Secondly, it is going to give you power and balance. This allows for a more controlled delivery. You will also be able to adjust to the ball's trajectory and position yourself optimally.


So now you know the significance of a good serve and volley strategy in tennis. With all these techniques, you can soon become a formidable player on the court. Therefore, keep practicing and stay consistent.