Cameron Norrie Analysis

Born in 1995 in South Africa to British parents, Cameron Norrie is a British tennis player. However, after his birth when he was 3 years old, his family moved to New Zealand. But to get hands-on funding, he emigrated to Great Britain later for his tennis career. 

In the beginning, his progress was not at its best. So, he moved to the USA and attended Texas Christian University. This is where Cameron started thriving. Before completing his final year in 2017, he left university. Then he pursued a full-time tennis career. In September 2022, he became the 8th best tennis player in the globe.

Playing Style:

Cameron learned to use his maximum potential. He also developed a game style that a lot of his opponents find difficult to combat. Besides, his fitness gives him an upper hand. The longer the match goes, the more the chances of Norrie winning the match. 

The increase in Norrie’s self-belief was the main reason behind his exponential improvement. He fought with more effective serves and more aggressive returns. After realizing that his clay courts match his game style, he witnessed excellence.

Cameron is a baseline player. But he will move further if he gets a good opportunity. A havoc contrast lies in his backhand’s style and forehand’s style. This may affect his opponents’ rhythms. He is a left-hander. And thus, he can cause easy trouble to his right-handed opponents using his angles. He chases every ball due to his supreme fitness.

Norrie puts his best efforts to win a match. He is now in his rise.


Cam has a bit inelegant double-hander. At first sight, people may feel that it is his weakness. But when it comes to practice, it is a rock-solid strength and is very effective.

The groundstrokes from Cameron explain why a lot of opponents find him hard to encounter. Even if his opponent hits his forehand, they will receive a spun reply. Cameron will hit a flat ball that may not rise more than 1 inch from the net. Also, he never gets tired and seldom misses a ball.


The forehand of Cameron Norrie is a flowing shot. He uses a grip that follows a Semi-Western to Western style. He is popular for applying tons of topspin to a ball. The shot is a very effective attacking weapon.

Cameron has very potential and can dictate rallies with topspin. His style is unique and combines with his love for long rallies. All these explain why clay court tennis suits Cameron a lot.


Cameron Norrie has learned a lot. He can make use of his right-handed serve with effectiveness. The stats back this strategy. Being an excellent player, he can both kick or slice the serve. He takes charge of points. Also, he can attack the rally’s third ball. He collected a lot of points on serve. This helped him to rise to the list of top 10 players in the world.

Return of serve:

Cameron made a lot of returns. This is another game-changing point in his life. His performance on the key return points like break points has improved a lot. His aggressiveness is a factor that pushes him to break his limits. In 2022, he became a very positive player in terms of facing difficult situations.


If something is underrated about Cameron, it is his volleying techniques. His volleys are excellent on both sides. He feels happy to come to the net every time. He does this to pressure his opponent. He even serves and volley at times.

Cameron Norrie- the reason behind his popularity:

Cameron Norrie is most renowned because of his fitness. He can play long matches with ease. He has an awkward yet elegant style. He can play very distinct shots on both sides. A lot of players are afraid to face Cameron for this reason. Indeed, he is a late developer but when he develops, no one does it better. He came from nowhere and became an excellent contender for the main awards.

He participated in the top games. He won Indian Wells in 2021. He reached Wimbledon’s semi-final in 2022. Big events like these mark Cameron Norrie’s vast improvement in performances.

By 2022, he became the number one British player.


Cameron Norrie, a regular person become one of the finest tennis players at present. He found his identity. He knows his objectives and believes that he can do his best on any surface. He possesses every good quality. He is fit, has a topspin forehand, has a flat backhand, and whatnot. He got an awkward left-handed serve. However, it is very positive for him. His aggressive returns and his fearless attitude while moving into the net, makes him unique. All these make sure that Cameron Norrie is one of the best tennis players in the world.

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