Wilson Pro Staff Precision RXT 105 Tennis Racket

Size: G2
Sale price£69.99

Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) : 290
Head Size (sq. in) : 105
String Pattern: 16x19
Length (inches): 27
Cover: None


The Pro Staff Precision RXT 105 encourages players to swing with conviction thanks to a design that emphasizes playability and versatility. 

A slightly larger head size enhances the sweet spot and affords a greater margin for error on off-center contact. Players gain additional control with the Planar Beam construction, extra court coverage with additional length and enhanced power with larger grommet holes. Featuring tour-inspired design and appealing playability, the Pro Staff Precision RXT 105 brings a dynamic dimension to the court.

  • Double Hole Technology- Larger grommet holes grant more string movement, generating extra power and creating greater ball pocketing for improved shock absorption.
  • Perforated Grip Moisture-Wicking properties aid grip and prevent slipping.
  • Planar Beam Technology Planar beam construction absorbs more energy upon contact with ball for enhanced precision and extra feel.
  • Fused Plated fiberglass and aluminum composition offers excellent blend of playability and control.
  • Double Holes grommet technology offers more power and a larger sweet spot
  • Fused graphite/aluminum construction blends stiff and flexible properties for excellent playability
  • Planar beam construction absorbs more energy upon contact for extra precision and feel
  • Perforated grip aids moisture absorption
  • Midsized head provides enhanced feel and control
  • Designed in the spirit of Wilson's iconic Pro Staff performance series
  • Pre-strung

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