Victor DX Light Fighter 60 E Badminton Racket - Strung

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Weight: 6U (74-76g)
Sale price£119.99

Balance : Head Heavy
Weight : 6U (74g)
Flex : Stiff
Grip : G5
Strung : Yes
Racket Cover : None


The fast and speedy Light-Fighter 60 has brilliant handling, while offering good control and speed.

  • Balance : Head Heavy
  • Weight : 6U (74g)
  • Flex : Stiff

The new Victor DX Light Fighter 60 badminton racket is a super light racket which is ideal for players who do not have too much power in their arm and want an agile racket. The DX variant is more top-heavy than the TK Light Fighter 30 and therefore more suitable for the all-round player who likes to perform many offensive hits.

Yet this badminton racket is also ideal for more defensive work, because the handle is relatively stiff. This allows you to hit the shuttle back very accurately and make the winning point through a great return!

The Victor DX Light Fighter 60 is similar to the Light Fighter 7400, but gives much more control and feedback during hard blows. Moreover, smashes go harder and more accurately!

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