Li-Ning Blade X 700 Badminton Racket [Frame Only]

Weight: 4U (80-84g)
Sale price£169.99

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  1. Purpose of Play

    • Beginners: Opt for even-balanced rackets, which ensure ease in learning and versatility in shots.
    • Intermediate Players: Depending on playing style, consider rackets that are slightly head-heavy (for power) or slightly head-light (for speed).
    • Advanced Players: These players often have specific preferences. They might opt for rackets that amplify power, speed, or control, depending on their playing style.
  1. Weight Class:

    • Ultralight (5U,6U,7U): Easier to control, quick swing. Suitable for beginners and defensive players.
    • Standard (4U): Provides a balanced feel. Suitable for intermediate players.
    • Heavy (3U): Emphasizes power, might be harder to maneuver. Preferred by advanced players.
  1. Balance Point:

    • Head-Heavy: Emphasizes power, ideal for smashing.
    • Even-Balance: Offers a mix of power and speed. Suitable for players who play both at the net and the back of the court.
    • Head-Light: Emphasizes speed and quick reflexes, ideal for front court plays and doubles.
  1. String Tension:

    • Beginners: 20-23 lbs. Provides a larger sweet spot and is more forgiving.
    • Intermediate: 23-26 lbs. Offers a good mix of power and control.
    • Advanced: 27+ lbs. Delivers precise control but requires consistent hitting technique.
  1. Shaft Flexibility:

    • Flexible: Easier for beginners. Generates power without much effort but might compromise on accuracy.
    • Medium: Balanced flex and suitable for many intermediate players.
    • Stiff: Preferred by advanced players. Offers precision but requires good technique to generate power.
  1. Grip Size:

  • Smaller Hands: G5 or smaller
  • Average Hands: G4
  • Larger Hands: G3


      Li-Ning BladeX 700 Badminton Racket Review: A Game-Changer for Advanced Players

      Designed for those who are serious about their game, the Li-Ning BladeX 700 badminton racket offers a spectacular blend of power, agility, and precision. Let's dive deeper into what makes this racket stand out in the saturated world of badminton equipment.

      Craftsmanship from The Best

      Hailing from China, a nation that's no stranger to producing top-tier badminton players and equipment, the BladeX 700 is crafted meticulously by LI-NING, one of the giants in the sport's gear. The racket is a part of the elite 'BLADEX' series, signifying its advanced engineering and the brand's commitment to excellence.

      Built for Precision and Power

      The BladeX 700 comes with a slightly head-heavy balance, ensuring that players can consistently generate powerful shots, even in the most demanding situations. This balance combined with its 82-gram weight ensures swiftness without compromising the power.

      Technological Prowess

      With its Dynamic-Optimum Frame, the BladeX 700 expands the sweet spot, which not only increases the hitting velocity but also makes shots more forgiving and easier to hit. This technology is perfect for advanced players who need that edge during intense rallies.

      Another intriguing feature is the Wing Stabiliser. Borrowing from aviation technology, this feature minimizes vibrations, enhancing the racket's stability and providing an unmatched precision in each shot.

      A Racket for Advanced Players

      Whether you're an all-rounder or have a specific style, the BladeX 700 caters to advanced players with its medium flex, offering a balanced performance. Able to withstand string tension ranging from 22 to 30 lbs, it's also classified as a hi-tension racket, ensuring superior control and precision for those competitive matches.

      Specifications At A Glance:

      • Brand: LI-NING
      • Model Series: LI-NING - BLADEX
      • Model Name: BLADEX 700
      • Head & Shaft Construction: M40X Carbon, offering durability and lightweight performance
      • Racket Balance: Slightly Head Heavy
      • Flex: Medium
      • Weight: 82 Grams
      • Grip Size: G5/S3 (Small)
      • Head Shape: Isometric, providing a uniform feel irrespective of shot angles
      • Overall Length: 675 mm
      • Country of Origin: China

      Final Thoughts:

      For those in search of a racket that embodies both power and finesse, the Li-Ning BladeX 700 is an ideal choice. It epitomizes the LINING BADMINTON RACKET's commitment to enhancing the player's experience, ensuring every match is played at its highest potential.

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