Babolat RH12 Wimbledon Tennis Bag - White

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Color: White
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Capacity : 12 Rackets
Dimension : 75 x 48 x 32 (cm)
Compartments : 3 insulated main compartments, 1 shoe pocket, 2 side pockets
Straps : 2


Enhance Your Tennis Journey with the Babolat Wimbledon 12 Racket Tennis Bag

Every tennis player understands that the game doesn't just depend on how well they swing their racket, but also on how effectively they manage their equipment. In this context, the tennis bag plays an instrumental role. In today's blog post, we're excited to introduce the Babolat Wimbledon 12 Racket Tennis Bag—a combination of style, sophistication, and functionality.

Meet the Babolat RH12 PURE Wimbledon Tennis Bag

This bag has quickly earned its spot as a benchmark model in the tennis world, all thanks to its well-thought-out design and practical functions. Babolat's commitment to continual product improvement is evident in its blend of comfort, space, and practicality, providing your racquets with unparalleled protection.

Designed for the Skilled Player

The RH12 PURE Wimbledon is designed specifically with skilled players in mind—those seeking the perfect bag to transport and protect all their equipment. Babolat understands that when your gear is properly stowed, you can focus entirely on your match, leaving the worries of equipment management behind.

Strategic Storage for Maximum Efficiency

What sets the Babolat RH12 PURE Wimbledon apart is its cleverly arranged storage space. The bag boasts a fully insulated large central compartment capable of holding six racquets. Additionally, it features a transparent shoe compartment, a section for four racquets, and another for two racquets. Plus, it includes side pockets for all your essential accessories. This layout ensures you can easily find what you're looking for without any hassle.

Exceptional Protection and Easy Maintenance

Offering the best to its users, the bag features a waterproof outer material. This not only safeguards your gear but also ensures easy maintenance of the bag. Inside, the bag incorporates a new, highly resistant white isothermal material, enhancing your bag's organization and making your equipment easier to locate.

Key Specifications

The RH12 PURE Wimbledon is spacious, with a capacity of 77.0l and dimensions of 75.0cm in length, 48.0cm in width, and 32.0cm in height. It has a racket capacity of 12, and a well-distributed layout of pockets:

  • 3 insulated main compartments
  • 1 shoe pocket
  • 2 side pockets

It has three handles and two straps for easy transportation, designed with your comfort in mind. The bag is made from 45% PE, 20% recycled polyester, 15% PU, 15% virgin polyester, and 5% TPE, demonstrating Babolat's commitment to durability and sustainability.

Final Thoughts

In the world of tennis, the Babolat RH12 PURE Wimbledon Tennis Bag sets itself apart. It's not just a tennis bag—it's a representation of the game's grandeur, a symbol of a player's commitment, and a testament to Babolat's legacy of combining style and functionality.

So, ready to redefine your tennis experience? The Babolat Wimbledon 12 Racket Tennis Bag is the companion you've been waiting for.

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