Babolat Air Viper Padel Racket 2024

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This table simplifies the detailed information into easily digestible points. Remember to refer back to the detailed guide for a more in-depth understanding.

Criteria Description/Options
Basic Components - Frame: Carbon Fiber (power) or Fiberglass (control)
- Core: Soft foam (control) or Hard foam (power)
Racket Shapes - Diamond: Power, high sweet spot
- Round: Balanced, centered sweet spot
- Teardrop: Mix, slightly higher sweet spot
Weight - Light (360-375g): Beginners, women
- Medium (375-390g): Balanced, most players
- Heavy (390g+): Advanced players
Balance - Head-Heavy: Power
- Head-Light: Control
- Even Balance: Mix of both
Surface & Texture - Smooth: Control
- Rough/Textured: Spin
Racket Thickness - Typically 36-38mm: Thicker = more power
Hole Patterns - Varies: Larger holes = more elastic racket
Player’s Level/Style - Beginners: Round, medium-weight, soft core
- Intermediate: Teardrop, medium-hard core
- Advanced: Diamond, hard core
Additional Features - Anti-vibration systems
- Reinforced edges
Budget - Set a price range before shopping
Test Before Buying - Always recommended to get a feel
Consider the Grip - Ensure comfort; can be changed
Recommendations - Seek insights from players, coaches, or reviews


Player Type : Air Striker
FRAME: Carbon
CORE: Multi-Eva
Weight: 355 g +/- 10g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance Type: Even Balance
Head Shape : Tear-Drop
Recommended Grip: Syntec Uptake
Type of Cover : No Cover


Babolat Air Viper Padel Racket 2024

Introducing the latest innovation in padel technology, the Babolat Air Viper Padel Racket 2024. Engineered for the quick and advanced player, this racket combines explosive power with incredible maneuverability, setting a new standard in the game of padel.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design: With a focus on quick maneuverability, the Babolat Air Viper is constructed to be exceptionally lightweight, enabling rapid responses and effortless control during the most intense rallies.

  • Tear Drop Head Shape: The innovative tear drop head shape expertly balances power and playability, making this racket a versatile choice for players who demand excellence in every aspect of their game.

  • Textured Surface for Enhanced Spin: The 3D Spin+ technology incorporates a rough finish on the racket's surface, allowing for increased grip on the ball. This results in enhanced spin potential and superior control, giving players an edge over the competition.

  • Optimized Hole Pattern System: The strategically designed hole pattern system optimizes hole size and distribution. This innovation boosts power transmission and increases precision, making every shot count.

  • Vibrasorb System for Comfort: Experience unmatched hitting comfort with the Vibrasorb System. Integrated with a new elastomer material within the graphite at the racket's core, it significantly absorbs vibration, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a more comfortable play.

  • X EVA Core Technology: The core's sandwich construction features 3 different layers of EVA, offering a unique combination of explosiveness and comfort. The two stiffer exterior layers amplify power on hard shots, while the softer inner layer provides increased tolerance and comfort on softer shots.

  • Smart Buttcap for Customization: The Babolat Air Viper comes equipped with the innovative Smart Buttcap system. This feature allows for the customization or complete removal of the wrist strap, tailoring the racket to the player's personal preference and enhancing the overall play experience.


  • Weight: 355 grams
  • Head Shape: Teardrop
  • Racket Cover: Not included
  • Brand: Babolat

The Babolat Air Viper Padel Racket 2024 is not just a racket; it's a game-changer. Designed for players who refuse to compromise between power and precision, it’s the perfect weapon to elevate your game and dominate the court. Embrace the future of padel with Babolat's latest masterpiece.

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