Squash String and Tension Guide

Now that you know what racket you want, the next step is to figure out the right string and tension for your game.  Before choosing a squash string there are some key basic facts and terminology you should familiarize yourself with:

String Tension

  • Every racket has a ‘sweet spot’. This is an area on the string bed which will give you maximum power.
  • Increasing the tension will cause the sweet spot to become smaller. Beginners and casual players lack the right technique and are more likely to mis-hit the squash ball. A higher tension therefore translates into LESS power for beginners.
  • Lower tension increases the sweet spot, making it much easier for beginners and casual players to generate power.
  • A higher tension will provide more power and control only if you can consistently hit the sweet spot. The downside is that the strings will break more easily if a mis-hit occurs because of how tight the strings are being stretched.
  • Thicker strings are generally more durable than thinner strings.
  • Every ·string and tension differs from player to player. Your choice of string and tensions will be dependent on your playing style and technique.
  • Every racket has a recommended tension. Choosing a higher tension will VOID the manufacturer’s warranty

Recommended Tension: (General Guide)

  • Social Players (1 – 2x a week) : 21lbs to 24lbs
  • Intermediate Players:  24lbs to 27 lbs


String Gauge

Generally thinner strings tend to offer better control and feel but are less durable. This can work out to be costlier as you would require more frequent restrings. Thicker strings tend to last longer but the downside is they provide a less responsive playing experience.

  • Thin Strings: 1.10mm – 1.15mm
  • Medium Thickness: 1.20 – 1.25
  • Thick Strings: 1.25mm – 1.30mm


Popular Strings


Some of the best squash strings are produced by Tecnifibre and Ashaway. Their strings are used by some of the top player such as Nick Matthew and El Shorbagy. These strings provide excellent feel and control and are popular amongst intermediate and advanced players due to their higher cost. A popular choice amongst social players are synthetic gut strings which are durable and provide a good playing experience.


Premium Strings:


Durable and Good Value:

  1. Prince Synthetic Gut
  2. Head Reflex

Now that you are clear on what tension suits your game, why not book a restring with us to have a better playing experience?