Why Yonex Badminton Shoes Are the Best: Power Cushion Technology

Why Yonex Badminton Shoes Are the Best: Power Cushion Technology

Finding the perfect pair of badminton shoes can be a challenge. There are so many brands out there, and it can be difficult to determine which one offers the best protection and performance. Fortunately, when it comes to quality badminton shoes, Yonex is a leading brand that continues to innovate and provide top-notch performance.

Yonex has been producing badminton shoes since 1957 and have been the pioneers in developing advanced and innovative technology for their products. The most prominent feature of their shoes is their Power Cushion technology, which provides superior shock absorption and rebound energy for smooth movement while playing badminton. This technology helps reduce fatigue during intense matches, allowing players to stay on the court longer with more power at their disposal.

The Power Cushion technology has been tested by YONEX themselves and was found to be 3 times more effective than urethane in absorbing shock from long drops. It is so effective that an egg dropped from 7 meters will bounce back 4 meters without any damage! Additionally, POWER CUSHION + enhanced this technology even further as an egg can be dropped from 12 meters without breaking!


How does Power Cushion help you on court

Yonex badminton shoes are renowned for their unsurpassed quality, and one of Yonex's most impressive features is the Power Cushion. This shock absorption system is designed to provide maximum cushioning and return energy with each step for a springy, light feel. As the Yonex Power Cushion absorbs shock from impact, your muscles need to work less in order to maintain balance and control during movement. In other words, Yonex Power Cushion reduces fatigue and helps protect against injury by preventing strain and stress on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and other parts of your body. More importantly than reducing tedious training time and soreness caused by sports fatigue is that it also allows athletes to reach new heights of performance that would otherwise be impossible. Yonex badminton shoes with Power Cushion aren't just conventional.. They offer unparalleled comfort and performance unlike any other product out there!

Benefits of the Synchro - Fit Insole

YONEX's Synchro-Fit Insole construction has revolutionized badminton footwear by offering unsurpassed levels of comfort, support, and cushioning. Specifically designed to fit YONEX badminton shoes perfectly, this innovative insole provides advanced ergonomic design that contours to the shape of your feet for optimal stability. Furthermore, YONEX's use of multi-layered foam helps evenly distribute pressure throughout the foot for a responsive yet lightweight feel. All of these features combine to form an unparalleled level of comfort that enables you to be at your very best when playing your favorite sport.

Other technologies found in Yonex top shoes

Along with this unique cushioning system, YONEX also uses Double Raschel Mesh fabric for increased air exchange that keeps your feet cool and comfortable throughout your matches.

For added stability during play, YONEX has incorporated two additional features: Power Graphite Sheet & Power Graphite Lite Sheets. These sheets are inserted in between the soles of the shoe to reduce weight while providing superior stability against impacts during quick footwork movements. Also, their Toe Assist Shape feature is designed to cut pressure on your big toe while providing improved support through mid-foot and heel for a secure fit within the shoe.


In conclusion, Yonex badminton shoes offer all features needed by experienced athletes who need premium quality equipment that provides comfort as well as increased power output and stability during games or tournaments. With its ground-breaking Power Cushion technology along with other added features such as Double Raschel Mesh fabric & Round Sole design; Yonex badminton shoes help athletes get the most out of their game while preventing injuries associated with high-impact sports like badminton.

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