The Making of a Champion: What Makes Lee Zii Jia Such an Elite badminton Player?

The Making of a Champion: What Makes Lee Zii Jia Such an Elite badminton Player?

Introducing Lee Zii Jia and his badminton career

Lee Zii Jia is Malaysia's leading badminton player, with a career that showcases some of the best achievements in the sport. He was recently crowned as theAll England Open Men’s Singles Champion for 2021 and won the gold medal at the 2021 Asian Badminton Championship. Lee Zii Jia has firmly established himself as one of Malaysia's most successful players of all time, setting an example for young players aspiring to reach similar heights. His dedication to training and immense skill have resulted in multiple accolades not only in South East Asia but also globally. He is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in professional badminton circles today and is making Malaysia proud with his consistent success on national and international levels.

What makes him one of the most dangerous players in the world?

His court speed and agility have earned him many awards, and he can hit astonishing angles with his shots that take away the best of opponents’ defenses. He is a master at defending, outlasting opponents with lengthy rallys that often drain the other side both physically and mentally. His physical skills are complemented by strong mental discipline which allows Lee to remain composed under pressure situations, leading him to make more precise decisions than his opponents.

One of the weapons in his game is his explosive power that often wins him quick points out-right. This is mainly due to his powerful wrist - allowing him to generate tremendous power with minimal backswing during rallies.

How he stays on top of his game

Malaysian badminton player Lee Zii Jia is one of the top players in the world and he consistently remains at the top due to his dedicated training routine. He puts himself through an intense program that focuses on challenging himself and reaching new heights each day. His strength and agility are both impressive, as well as his technique which he refines with vigorous practice. It's also clear that discipline plays a huge part in Lee Zii Jia's game, ensuring that his performance stands out from the rest. From nutrition to recovery routines, Lee Zii Jia leaves nothing to chance when it comes to honing in on his skills and keeping himself at peak physical condition. This is why he remains one of the best badminton players in Malaysia, if not the world.

Highlight some of his most memorable badminton matches .

Lee Zii Jia has had an incredible career as a badminton player, with some of his most memorable matches taking place throughout the past five years. In 2018, he was crowned champion at the Malaysia Masters; the win was particularly sweet considering that it was at his home country's tournament. A year later, he put on an impressive display against compatriot Lee Chong Wei en route to a Rakhine State Championships victory. Most recently in 2020, he set up a thrilling battle with Kento Momota in order to become the first Malaysian ever to win in the Japan Open. All three of these games are unforgettable matches that stayed with me and other badminton fans right up until today!

Advice for aspiring players

As a world-class badminton player from Malaysia, Lee Zii Jia is well equipped to offer advice on how to become successful in the sport. He frequently emphasizes that a winning mindset is essential in order to reach the pinnacle of success and beyond. Thus, he advises aspiring badminton players to constantly have a positive attitude and never give up on their dreams. Additionally, consistent practice with great effort is key, as developing good technique and reflexes are just as vital as staying physically fit and having an undying motivation. With dedication, passion, and self-belief, anyone can be successful!

Equipment of choice


Currently Lee Zii Jia uses the Victor Thruster Ryuga I. This brilliant racket features VICTOR THRUSTER's new High Modulus Extreme (HME) material that increases stiffness and enhances power delivery. What's more, its Whipping Enhance System (WES) also allows for sharp attacking angles and even clearer responsiveness.

Lee is set to transition to the latest Thruster Ryuga II and I am very curious as to how he will adapt to this revolutionary new frame by Victor.

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