Yonex Aerus 3 Womens Indoor Shoes - Rose

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Size (UK): 8.0
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One of the lightest shoe in the market, the Aerus 3 offers excellent speed and comfort.

The Yonex Aerus 3 Badminton Shoe is the lightest shoe in the market combined with Yonex's extremely comfortable and supportive technology. In striking rose red, the Aerus 3 uses Yonex's cutting edge Power Cushion Plus technology which is an upgrade on the original Power Cushion. The Power Cushion Plus is designed using high resistance resin and plus-shaped treads, providing a soft feeling and absorbing the impact of every jump you make.


Additionally, the Aerus 3 uses Yonex' s innovative Durable Skin Light material on the outside which increases ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry. The tough and elastic polyurethane material significantly increases the durability of the shoe and eliminates any overlapping fabrics and seams. The Aerus 3 offers players a unique shoe that provides a secure grip and comfort while you glide around the court with increased speed and agility.

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