Victor Thruster F C Badminton Racket

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Weight: 4U (80-84g)
Sale price£179.99

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  1. Purpose of Play

    • Beginners: Opt for even-balanced rackets, which ensure ease in learning and versatility in shots.
    • Intermediate Players: Depending on playing style, consider rackets that are slightly head-heavy (for power) or slightly head-light (for speed).
    • Advanced Players: These players often have specific preferences. They might opt for rackets that amplify power, speed, or control, depending on their playing style.
  1. Weight Class:

    • Ultralight (5U,6U,7U): Easier to control, quick swing. Suitable for beginners and defensive players.
    • Standard (4U): Provides a balanced feel. Suitable for intermediate players.
    • Heavy (3U): Emphasizes power, might be harder to maneuver. Preferred by advanced players.
  1. Balance Point:

    • Head-Heavy: Emphasizes power, ideal for smashing.
    • Even-Balance: Offers a mix of power and speed. Suitable for players who play both at the net and the back of the court.
    • Head-Light: Emphasizes speed and quick reflexes, ideal for front court plays and doubles.
  1. String Tension:

    • Beginners: 20-23 lbs. Provides a larger sweet spot and is more forgiving.
    • Intermediate: 23-26 lbs. Offers a good mix of power and control.
    • Advanced: 27+ lbs. Delivers precise control but requires consistent hitting technique.
  1. Shaft Flexibility:

    • Flexible: Easier for beginners. Generates power without much effort but might compromise on accuracy.
    • Medium: Balanced flex and suitable for many intermediate players.
    • Stiff: Preferred by advanced players. Offers precision but requires good technique to generate power.
  1. Grip Size:

  • Smaller Hands: G5 or smaller
  • Average Hands: G4
  • Larger Hands: G3

      Weight: 4U (82-86g)
      Balance : Head Heavy
      Shaft : Stiff

      Be more powerful, more precise, and more in control. It's not just a game, it's your game. Own it with the Victor Thruster F C.

      Behold the Victor Thruster F C Badminton Racket, a game-changing marvel born from two years of relentless research and innovation. The TK-F Enhanced Edition lies at the heart of this racket, embodying an exciting evolution from its predecessor. It boasts a lighter balance point and swing weight, promising an unparalleled and comfortable hitting experience. Coupled with an elastic racket frame and a robust shaft, the Thruster F C ensures your directional changes are seamless, enabling powerful, pinpoint smashes and extraordinary control. This fully upgraded racket empowers you to unleash a barrage of aggressive attacks on your opponents.

      Savor the thrill of silky-smooth swings, superior handling, and remarkable feel thanks to the innovative Free Core injection moulded handle. Every stroke becomes a testament to your prowess and determination on the court, setting a formidable rhythm for your game.

      The Thruster F C seamlessly integrates a square-head frame and anti-torsion slim shaft, enlarging the sweet spot for your ambitious shots. Its intelligent weight distribution and resilient shaft facilitate effortless serves and shuttlecock control, escalating your attacks to become more potent and effective.

      Enhance your court-time before fatigue sets in with the cutting-edge Pyrofil Carbon Fibre technology. This novel tech borrowed from the automobile industry empowers you with superior control and durability across playing styles. The Japanese Pyrofil ultra-light carbon fibre and its composites boost your handling, control, and shock absorption through high-intensity, ultra-light bonds. The end result? A robust racket you can depend on for many battles to come.

      The Tri formation system optimizes your hitting potential by fusing Sword, Aerodynamic, and Power Box shapes at specific regions of the racket head. You'll witness minimal air resistance, acceleration to maximal swing speeds, and the ability to unleash immense power, thanks to this innovative design that can withstand higher string tensions.

      Experience the transformative power of the anti-torsion system technologies. By reducing power loss, these technologies ensure that the energy you generate is efficiently transferred to the shuttle. The ferrel's small angle twist reduces shaft torsion, preventing handle twisting and ensuring optimal power transmission and anti-torsion performance.

      Lastly, the Hard Cored Technology, inspired by helicopter rotor blade technology, boosts your shot responsiveness. The multilayer carbon fibre structure retains racket stiffness while minimizing material size, thus enhancing racket handling and overall performance.

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