Victor DriveX 9X B Badminton Racket [Frame Only]

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Weight: 4U (80-84g)
Sale price£179.99

Balance : Even
Weight : 4U (80-84g)
Flex : Stiff


DriveX is proud to be welcoming its new addition DriveX 9X. Comes equipped with the latest Free Core handle technology.

The latest addition the Drive X series, the Victor DriveX 9X badminton racket offers excellent manoeuvrability, stability and accuracy in every shot. Victor has introduced the Dynamic Hex and Rebound Shield technologies which redefines the frame structure using highly resilient fibre class to optimize stability and swing fluidity. The innovative multi-layered conception also provides added elasticity and comfort during long rallies.

Additionally, Victor fully developed Free Core Technology -  synthetic shaft that took years to develop - provides excellent grip and stability during fast rallies. You will find an unmatched degree of accuracy and handling when transitioning between attack and defence.

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