Tecnifibre Wall Master 365 Padel Racket

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This table simplifies the detailed information into easily digestible points. Remember to refer back to the detailed guide for a more in-depth understanding.

Criteria Description/Options
Basic Components - Frame: Carbon Fiber (power) or Fiberglass (control)
- Core: Soft foam (control) or Hard foam (power)
Racket Shapes - Diamond: Power, high sweet spot
- Round: Balanced, centered sweet spot
- Teardrop: Mix, slightly higher sweet spot
Weight - Light (360-375g): Beginners, women
- Medium (375-390g): Balanced, most players
- Heavy (390g+): Advanced players
Balance - Head-Heavy: Power
- Head-Light: Control
- Even Balance: Mix of both
Surface & Texture - Smooth: Control
- Rough/Textured: Spin
Racket Thickness - Typically 36-38mm: Thicker = more power
Hole Patterns - Varies: Larger holes = more elastic racket
Player’s Level/Style - Beginners: Round, medium-weight, soft core
- Intermediate: Teardrop, medium-hard core
- Advanced: Diamond, hard core
Additional Features - Anti-vibration systems
- Reinforced edges
Budget - Set a price range before shopping
Test Before Buying - Always recommended to get a feel
Consider the Grip - Ensure comfort; can be changed
Recommendations - Seek insights from players, coaches, or reviews


Weight : 365g
Shape : Round
Frame : Carbon XTC
Balance : 265mm


The WALL MASTER 365 PHD padel racket, dedicated to regular players, has been designed in a round shape to provide maximum precision and control. Its weight of 365g makes it easy to handle. 

The racquet is made of special TEI carbon fibers maximizing shock absorption at impact for more touch. The head is covered with a relief "Spin Skin 3D" for maximum spin. PHD drilling plan with holes of 3 different diameters allowing better precision in the center and better tolerance to off-center hits. 

The racquet head has been designed with "Front Block" technology, reinforced material and relief on the edge of the frame for more resistance to shocks against walls and a longer lifespan. 

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