Li-Ning Monkey King Limited Edition Badminton Shoe AYAP013-6 - White

Size (UK): 6.0
Color: White
Sale price£124.99


Full-length sole including a carbon fiber plate in the middle for great traction on the field and increased stiffness in the midfoot area. Tuff-Tip technology ensures high abrasion resistance in particularly stressed areas. With the limited models in white and red you can learn more about the connection between Chinese culture and modernity.

Carbon fiber is made of carbon fiber with lighter weight and better strength than traditional TPU material. It has good strength, high shock absorption and impact resistance. It helps to provide good support and strength in sports, reduces energy loss and improves athletic performance.

TUFF TIP is a wear-resistant material used in the toe part, the wear resistance performance is 10 times better than ordinary materials. It prevents wear and tear, thereby extending the life of the shoes, it is first choice for badminton, table tennis and tennis shoes.

FOAM LIGHT is a lightweight midsole EVA foam material. It is 30%-40% lighter than ordinary EVA midsole material, and can provide comfortable foot feeling and reduce the energy loss.

Drive foam is a new type of polar foamed material with high rebound feature. Compared with  traditional EVA materials, it can provide energy for a longer period of time, and still maintain excellent cushioning and high rebound performance after being subjected to repeated shocks during movements, thus can help athletes improve their athletic performance. Drive Foam uses high-performance polyurethane (Elastopan) developed by BASF in Germany, which allows sports shoes to achieve a more stylish design, and provides excellent cushioning and rebound in long terms.

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