FZ FORZA Aero Power 776 Badminton Racket

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Weight: 3U (85-89g)
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Balance : Even
Weight : 3U (85-89g)
Flex : Flexible


The FZ Forza Aero Power 776 badminton racquet focuses on versatility and length. This Aero Power range of racquets for beginner to intermediate players represents the perfect balance of control and power.

This versatile racquet with its neutral balance, 86g of weight and soft flex will offer comfort, forgiveness and power. Aerodynamic frame with 76 grommets keeps the tension "better" everywhere and for a longer period of time. You will gain speed on your shots and have faster "hits".

Carbon Nano-Tubes (CNT) throughout the racquet provide more durability compared to conventional racquets. The polymer resin that binds the carbon fibers guarantees more strength and resistance to damage.

This combined with UHM Modulus Graphite, a material used to improve racquet performance, makes the racquet stronger and stiffer than ordinary graphite, offering less torsion and more power. This will give you more accurate and powerful shots.

The FZ Forza Aero Power 776 badminton racquet is designed for players looking for a manoeuvrable, fast and versatile racquet. Very easy to use, this racket is suitable for both competitive and less technical players.

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