Dunlop Srixon SX Team 280 Tennis Racket - Frame Only

Grip Size: G2
Sale price£79.99


Dunlop SX Team 280 Tennis Racket (2022)

The SX Team 280 allows with the weight of 280g in combination with AEROSKIN very good maneuverability. So, you get a racket that’s a joy to play with control and spin.

SpinBoost+ Grommets: A dynamic set of spin-enhancing grommets that work with a new spin boost string tech pattern to offer you more spin, power and control. The shaped grommets are located on the 12 main strings through the top section of the racket hoop. They allow more string movement which helps create ‘bite’ on the ball and generates SPIN.

SpinBoost StringTech: The string grid area has been increased by 22% by making the main strings 10% wider and the cross strings 11% wider. This results in greater string movement allowing more power and spin generation.

Sonic Core with Infinergy: Time to perform, hit hard with increased rebound and decreased vibration. We call it controlled power. Sonic Core, located on both sides of the racket head, provides superior rebound and up to 37% reduced vibration compared to a standard carbon fibre tennis racket.

V-Energy Shaft: A unique V shape frame geometry in the shaft area of the racket, greatly enhances frame stability and racket power.

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