Dunlop Competition (Single Yellow Dot) Squash Balls - 1 Dozen

Sale price£29.99


  • The Dunlop Competition Squash Balls provide outstanding performance and great value for club play.
  • Standard size with a 10% longer hang-time than the Dunlop Pro Squash ball, making it a little more forgiving.
  • Ideal for regular players who like a tougher, longer game. The Dunlop squash ball is the number 1 squash ball in the market, and is used at most major events and tournaments the World over.
  • Dunlop's ball range is based on a unique and exclusive design concept, focussed on extending ball 'hang-time', the time taken for the ball to complete its bounce.
  • This research and development breakthrough ensures have longer to hit the ball, making hand-eye co-ordination easier and allowing correct technique to be developed and rallies to be extended - vital ingredients to help all players to achieve their personal best and increase enjoyment.

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