Babolat Pure Drive Tour Tennis Racket (2021)

Grip Size: G0
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Strung : Babolat Spiraltek
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) : 315g
Head Size (sq. in) : 100
Beam Width (mm) : 22.5-25
Balance (+/- 5mm): 315
String Pattern: 16x19
Length (inches): 27
Tension Range : 50-59 lbs
Composition: Graphite


The heaviest model in the Pure Drive series, the Tour version provides extra bite from the baseline.

  • Weight : 315g
  • Frame Size : 100 sq.inch
  • Balance : 315mm

The Pure Drive Tour model weights 315 grams and is designed for the advanced player who has a fully developed swing technique and able to handle the extra weight. The added heft allows you to power through your shots from the baseline to dominate your opponent throughout the court.

The raw explosive power of the Pure Drive comes from its HTR System - new composition for improved High Torsional Rigidity.  This essentially allows for better energy transfer from racket to ball and is especially useful during high intensity rallies. Additionally .Babolat has introduced the SWX PURE FEEL - Latest technology featuring extended wrapping of SMAC technology, the cutting-edge vibration filtration system integrated in the lay-up composition, provides an unrivaled feel at ball impact and a unique sound on every shot. 
The new Pure Drive Tour model has also undergone a cosmetic upgrade, with its striking double effect featuring the classic blue in a deep shade. You’ll love the Pure Drive if you’re looking for the perfect balance between power and feel on every shot.


You want power, stop looking around. Whatever your skill level is, power is what made this racquet iconic. Not only it is widely used on Tour, but this is also one of the bestselling racquets of all time because of its versatility bringing power in the palm of the hand of any player.


You wish you had an extra pop when things get though, here comes explosivity. When the intensity is high you can rely on your racquet to do exactly what you are longing for: produce a killing shot, even on off centred hit. A new lay-up has been developed to do exactly that, put a smile on your face… and a grin on your opponent’s one


You need feel, now feel the difference. Yes, feel is important even in a powerful frame. We all understand that if you cannot control your shot, power is meaningless. Get ready for a new experience you will not only feel but also hear through this unique sound at ball impact.

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