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1. Purpose of Play:

  • Beginners: A larger head size provides more power and a bigger sweet spot, making it forgiving for off-center hits.
  • Intermediate Players: A mid-plus head size offers a balance between power and control.
  • Advanced Players: Often prefer smaller head sizes for precision and control, but it requires consistent hitting technique.

2. Weight:

  • Lighter Rackets (260-280g): Easier to maneuver, suitable for beginners, juniors, or players with a slower swing speed.
  • Medium Weight (280-310g): Offers a mix of power and control. Suitable for many intermediate players.
  • Heavier Rackets (310g+): Provides more stability and power but requires good technique. Preferred by many advanced players.

3. Balance:

  • Head-Heavy: Offers more power, especially for players with shorter swings.
  • Even-Balance: Balanced feel, suitable for a broad range of players.
  • Head-Light: Easier to maneuver, favored by advanced players and those at the net in doubles.

4. String Pattern:

  • Open (16x18 or 16x19): Provides more spin and power but might wear out strings faster.
  • Dense (18x20): Offers more control and string durability.

5. Choosing the Right Grip Size:

  • Method 1: Ruler Test:

    1. Open your dominant hand and extend your fingers.
    2. Using a ruler, measure the distance from the middle of your palm to the tip of your ring finger.
    3. Typically, measurements between 4 to 4 3/8 inches suit most adults.
  • Method 2: On-Racket Test:

    1. Hold the racket as you would for a backhand.
    2. There should be a finger's width of space between your fingers and the base of your thumb.
  • Common Grip Sizes:

    • Size 0: 4 inches
    1. Size 1: 4 1/8 inches
    2. Size 2: 4 1/4 inches
    3. Size 3: 4 3/8 inches
    4. Size 4: 4 1/2 inches
    5. Size 5: 4 5/8 inches

Note: When in doubt, go for the smaller grip size. Overgrips can be added to increase the grip size, but reducing a grip is more challenging.

Headsize: 645.0cm²
Length: 685.0mm
Weight (unstrung): 285.0g
Tolerance Weight: +/- 7g
Stringing pattern: 16/19
Balance (unstrung): 3mm
Balance HL HH (unstrung): 7 pts HL
Tolerance Balance: +/- 7mm
Swing weight: 285
Stiffness (RA): 72
Beam width: 23-26-23
Composition: Graphite
Recommended strings: RPM Power/Xcel
Recommended tension: 23-27 Kg
Recommended grip: Natural Grip
Available Grip Size: 4",4 1/8",4 1/4",4 3/8",4 1/2",
Strung / Unstrung: Strung

Babolat Pure Drive Team Tennis Racket - Elevate Your Game with Unmatched Power and Precision

When it comes to raw power, precision, and an iconic reputation in the tennis world, only one racket stands out - the Babolat Pure Drive Team Tennis Racket.

Introduced to the tennis fraternity in 1994, the Babolat Pure Drive quickly became synonymous with unparalleled power. Over its evolutionary journey spanning a quarter of a century, it has continually set benchmarks for power rackets. Every new version, including this 10th generation marvel, promises to elevate your gameplay, offering explosive power coupled with a heightened sense of feel.

Why is the Pure Drive Team the go-to racket for many? Simply put, it's a masterstroke of design for players who seek the punch of power in a lighter, more agile frame. But remember, while many of the Team BABOLAT pro players vouch for its capabilities, some might be wielding custom-designed models on the court.

Dive Deep into its Features:

  1. Power: The very essence of the Pure Drive series. Regardless of whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned pro, this racket offers a game-changing blend of power and control, making it one of the most sought-after rackets ever.

  2. Explosivity: For those moments when the pressure mounts, and you need that extra zest in your shots, this racket delivers. Its unique lay-up ensures that even off-center hits have that killer instinct, leaving your opponents second-guessing.

  3. Feel: A racket's power is futile if you can't channel it. And this is where the Pure Drive shines. With its remarkable feel, you'll not only experience unmatched control over your shots but a distinct sound upon impact, solidifying your bond with every stroke.

  4. FSI POWER TECHNOLOGY: This advanced frame-string innovation boasts an open 16X19 string pattern, teamed with optimized diamond grommets. Result? A sweeter sweet spot and unrivaled power that caters to every player's style.

  5. ELLIPTIC FRAME: Engineered for perfection, its elliptical structure offers optimal resistance and rigidity. This translates into jaw-dropping power in every shot, making every serve, volley, and smash count.


  • Head Size: 645 cm²
  • Length: 685 mm
  • Weight (unstrung): 285 g +/- 7g
  • Balance (unstrung): 320 mm +/- 7mm
  • Swing Weight: 285
  • Stringing Pattern: 16/19
  • Stiffness (RA): 72
  • Section: 23-26-23

For those aiming to transform their game and leave a lasting impression on the court, the Babolat Pure Drive Team Tennis Racket is not just a choice; it's a statement. Amplify your power, redefine your precision, and let your racket do the talking.

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