Babolat EVO Aero Tennis Racket [Strung]

Grip Size: G2
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Strung : Babolat Spiraltek
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) : 275
Head Size (sq. in) : 102
Beam Width (mm) : 23-26-23
Balance (+/- 5mm): 320
String Pattern: 16x19
Length (inches): 27
Tension Range : 50-55 lbs
Composition: Graphite, Tungsten


If you’re looking for a tennis racket that offers the perfect combination of power and comfort, Babolat’s Evo Aero Tennis Racket is the ideal choice.

Babolat has designed this racket to help players advance their performance with ease, while also looking their best on the court.

At the heart of Babolat’s Evo Aero Tennis Racket is Babolat’s Woofer System, an innovative frame-string interaction system which provides a longer contact time between ball and strings for improved control and comfort. The Babolat Spin Alpha technology gives the frame an advanced 16x18 string pattern, helping players to generate more spin on their shots while still expending less energy than other rackets. Babolat also added their 4 Feel Technology in four crucial spots, 3'/6'/9'/12', which helps dampen vibrations for a softer sound and added comfort during each stroke.

The Syntec Evo Grip allows you to hold onto your racket with ease and cushioning, so you can focus on your shots without worrying about your grip slipping or becoming uncomfortable. With an aerodynamic design and modern look, Babolat’s Evo Aero Tennis Racket will have you performing at your best while still looking your best!

So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to upgrade your game. Babolat’s Evo Aero Tennis Racket is the perfect combination of power, comfort and design, all in one amazing racket! Get it today, and start playing like a champion!

Woofer System The first and most effective frame-string interaction system that provides a longer ball and string contact time for greater control and comfort.

Spin Alpha - The aeromodular frame was redesigned and upgraded with a brand-new 16x18 string pattern, that makes it easier for you to start generating more ball effect. Enhanced trampoline effect provides you more easy power with a reduced amount of energy.

Evo 4 Feel - Our engineers fine-tuned the SMAC EX technology to make the most of it. Located in 4 key spots of this aeromodular frame (3’/6’/9’/12’), the viscoelastic material dampens vibrations and provides a softer sound, resulting in greater comfort on every stroke. 

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