Babolat Boost Aero Womens Tennis Racket - Black/Pink

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Grip Size: G0
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1. Purpose of Play:

  • Beginners: A larger head size provides more power and a bigger sweet spot, making it forgiving for off-center hits.
  • Intermediate Players: A mid-plus head size offers a balance between power and control.
  • Advanced Players: Often prefer smaller head sizes for precision and control, but it requires consistent hitting technique.

2. Weight:

  • Lighter Rackets (260-280g): Easier to maneuver, suitable for beginners, juniors, or players with a slower swing speed.
  • Medium Weight (280-310g): Offers a mix of power and control. Suitable for many intermediate players.
  • Heavier Rackets (310g+): Provides more stability and power but requires good technique. Preferred by many advanced players.

3. Balance:

  • Head-Heavy: Offers more power, especially for players with shorter swings.
  • Even-Balance: Balanced feel, suitable for a broad range of players.
  • Head-Light: Easier to maneuver, favored by advanced players and those at the net in doubles.

4. String Pattern:

  • Open (16x18 or 16x19): Provides more spin and power but might wear out strings faster.
  • Dense (18x20): Offers more control and string durability.

5. Choosing the Right Grip Size:

  • Method 1: Ruler Test:

    1. Open your dominant hand and extend your fingers.
    2. Using a ruler, measure the distance from the middle of your palm to the tip of your ring finger.
    3. Typically, measurements between 4 to 4 3/8 inches suit most adults.
  • Method 2: On-Racket Test:

    1. Hold the racket as you would for a backhand.
    2. There should be a finger's width of space between your fingers and the base of your thumb.
  • Common Grip Sizes:

    • Size 0: 4 inches
    1. Size 1: 4 1/8 inches
    2. Size 2: 4 1/4 inches
    3. Size 3: 4 3/8 inches
    4. Size 4: 4 1/2 inches
    5. Size 5: 4 5/8 inches

Note: When in doubt, go for the smaller grip size. Overgrips can be added to increase the grip size, but reducing a grip is more challenging.

Strung : Babolat Spiraltek
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) : 260
Head Size (sq. in) : 102
Beam Width (mm) : 23-26-23
Balance (+/- 5mm): 340
String Pattern: 16x19
Length (inches): 27
Tension Range : 50-55 lbs
Composition: Graphite, Tungsten

Babolat Boost Aero Tennis Racket: Unveiling the Future of Tennis

🎾 LIGHTNESS: Elevate your game with the Babolat Boost Aero Tennis Racket, the perfect companion for both rookies and seasoned players. Remember the days when a heavy racquet weighed down your hand, making each swing a test of endurance? With the Boost Aero, those days are gone! Crafted meticulously from high-quality graphite, it boasts a feather-light weight of just 260g. Whether you're taking your first steps on the court or refining your master strokes, this racquet ensures that sore arms and fatigue won't hold you back. Dive into a seamless play experience and relish each moment on the court to the fullest.

🎾 POWER: Unleash a power-packed performance with every shot. The Boost Aero doesn't just promise power; it delivers! Engineered with a 16x19 string pattern, this racquet is tailor-made to maximize your strength and precision. Every time the ball meets the strings, you'll feel the racket's outstanding responsiveness. Unlock your true potential and let your game shine through with rhythm and efficiency.

🎾 MANOEUVRABILITY: Navigate the court with unprecedented ease. The Boost Aero stands out not just for its power but also for its remarkable manoeuvrability. Balancing lightness with precision, this racquet offers an unparalleled blend of manoeuvrability and power. Whether you're firing quick volleys at the net or playing long baseline rallies, the Boost Aero ensures you're always one step ahead of your opponent.


  • Head Size: A generous 660 cm² for a wider sweet spot and forgiving play.
  • Length: An optimal 685 mm to ensure a perfect reach and swing.
  • Weight (Unstrung): A mere 260 g +/- 7 g, making it incredibly easy on your arm.
  • Balance (Unstrung): Perfectly poised at 340 mm +/- 7mm.
  • Swing Weight: A nimble 277, allowing for swift movements and rapid responses.
  • Stringing Pattern: A strategic 16/19 setup for enhanced power play.
  • Stiffness (RA): A solid 70, ensuring durability and resilience.
  • Section: A unique 23-26-23, providing an unmatched blend of balance and power.

With the Babolat Boost Aero Tennis Racket, the court is truly your playground. Embrace its revolutionary design and top-notch features, and watch as your game reaches new heights. Whether you're gearing up for a friendly match or competitive tournament, the Boost Aero promises to be the game-changer you've been waiting for.

Experience the Babolat difference. Play with Boost Aero.

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