To determine the correct grip size for a tennis racquet, which is crucial for performance and comfort, there are two straightforward methods: Eastern Forehand Grip Test: Holding the racquet using an eastern forehand grip, where the palm aligns with the string face's bevel, there should be just enough space to snugly fit the index finger of your non-hitting hand between the ring finger and palm of your hitting hand. If the space is too narrow for your finger, the grip is too small; if there's extra space, it's too big. Ruler Measurement: If a racquet isn't available, you can measure your grip size using a ruler. Open your hand, extend your fingers close together, and align the ruler with the bottom lateral crease of your palm. Measure to the tip of your ring finger. Grip sizes typically range from 4 inches to 4 3/4 inches, with 4 inches often found on junior racquets and 4 3/4 inches being less common as the trend moves towards smaller grips. If your measured size falls between available grip sizes, it's advised to choose the smaller size. You can increase the grip size slightly (by 1/16 inch or 1/8 inch) using an overgrip or a heat-shrink sleeve, respectively. Regularly replacing your grip ensures better control and confidence in your play​