Yonex VCORE Pro 97L Tennis Racket [Frame Only]

Grip Size: G0
Sale price£189.99

Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) : 290
Head Size (sq. in) : 97
Beam Width (mm) : 21
Balance (+/- 5mm): 325
String Pattern: 16x19
Length (inches): 27
Tension Range : 45-60 lbs
Composition: HM GRAPHITE / 2G-Namd SPEED / VDM


A lighter 290g version of the VCORE PRO 97 is a more manouvrable option for advanced and intermediate players.

The latest generation of the VCORE PRO comes with many upgrades that greatly increases the rackets flexibility, feel and power. Yonex still ensures the VCORE PRO retains its trademark control which has been the series a popular choice.

Yonex has increased the thickness of the beam , allowing for greater power potential and improved frame stability. Other key changes to the frame include the newly designed throat area from which players can now expect an improved level of flex and feel.

Revolutionary material - Flex Force and Flex Fuse - have combined to bring an all new level of precision to the series. Flex Fuse is a shock absorbing polymer that provides players with increased comfort and preventing arm injuries Some of the key technologies from the previous model also make a return including the Lock Booster Grommet System, Vibration Dampening Mesh and the iconic Isometric head shape.

Flexcon System

FOR RACQUET FLEX AND FEEL: A tapered and elongated box-frame shaft is composed of Flex Force and Flex Fuse graphite for precise control of the ball.


FOR INCREASED BALL-POCKETING: Flex Force graphite allows the racquet to quickly flex and snap back for greater spin and faster ball acceleration off the string bed.


FOR A SOFTER FEELING: A shock-absorbing polymer is integrated within the graphite’s resin for increased racquet flex and a softer, more plush feeling.


FOR ADDED TOUCH AND PRECISION: a stretchy mesh material that is wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations.


SIGNATURE YONEX TECHNOLOGY: Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC™ racquet generates a 7% larger sweet spot that delivers greater control without sacrificing power.

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