Babolat Contact Padel Racket

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This table simplifies the detailed information into easily digestible points. Remember to refer back to the detailed guide for a more in-depth understanding.

Criteria Description/Options
Basic Components - Frame: Carbon Fiber (power) or Fiberglass (control)
- Core: Soft foam (control) or Hard foam (power)
Racket Shapes - Diamond: Power, high sweet spot
- Round: Balanced, centered sweet spot
- Teardrop: Mix, slightly higher sweet spot
Weight - Light (360-375g): Beginners, women
- Medium (375-390g): Balanced, most players
- Heavy (390g+): Advanced players
Balance - Head-Heavy: Power
- Head-Light: Control
- Even Balance: Mix of both
Surface & Texture - Smooth: Control
- Rough/Textured: Spin
Racket Thickness - Typically 36-38mm: Thicker = more power
Hole Patterns - Varies: Larger holes = more elastic racket
Player’s Level/Style - Beginners: Round, medium-weight, soft core
- Intermediate: Teardrop, medium-hard core
- Advanced: Diamond, hard core
Additional Features - Anti-vibration systems
- Reinforced edges
Budget - Set a price range before shopping
Test Before Buying - Always recommended to get a feel
Consider the Grip - Ensure comfort; can be changed
Recommendations - Seek insights from players, coaches, or reviews


Player Type : Versatile
Head-Shape : Round
Composition : Fibreglass + Carbon
Surface : Fiberglass
Core: EVA
Weight: 340g +/- 10g
Balance : Head-Light
Recommended Grip : Syntec Uptake
Racket Cover : None


The Babolat Contact Padel Racket is an essential tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their padel game.

Babolat has been dedicated to excellence in racket sports since its founding in 1875, creating innovative designs and technologies that combine power, comfort, and control. The Babolat Contact Padel Racket is no exception - it delivers all of these qualities in one sleek and stylish package.

Made with a round oversized head shape, the Babolat Contact Padel Racket offers excellent tolerance for beginner players. Its lightweight construction also contributes to its manoeuvrability; making it easy to handle and quickly return shots during energetic rallies. Thanks to Babolat’s signature 100% graphite technology, this racket is also more powerful than other models - ensuring that each shot you take can make an impact.

Uniquely designed with Babolat's iconic colors blue and red, the Babolat Contact Padel Racket offers a visually appealing look as well as strong performance abilities. The Babolat brand name is proudly displayed on both sides of the racket for added visual appeal. This racket also features a comfortable feel with optimal vibration dampening technology that minimizes shock after powerful strokes; allowing you to play longer without fatigue.

If you're looking for a quality padel racket that will help you achieve your goals on the court, then the Babolat Contact Padel Racket should be at the top of your list. With its combination of lightweight design, power-packed performance, and attractive aesthetics; this is a great choice for any level of player looking to take their padel game up a notch!

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