Babolat Air Viper Padel Racket (2023)

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Sale price£259.99

Player Type : Air Striker
FRAME: Carbon
CORE: Multi-Eva
Weight: 355 g +/- 10g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance Type: Even Balance
Recommended Grip: Syntec Uptake
Type of Cover : No Cover


Are you looking for a padel racket that offers explosive power, manoeuvrability and spin? Look no further than the Babolat Air Viper Padel Racket!

This revolutionary racket is designed to give players of all levels an edge on the court with its unique Carbon Flex technology. With this advanced technology, you can experience dynamic power while still having access to carbon's explosiveness. Plus, it features a hybrid shape and light weight construction so you can move faster and generate more powerful shots. 

Unlike other rackets, the Air Viper Padel Racket has a Smart Buttcap which allows you to customize or completely remove the wrist strap for maximum comfort and control. Additionally, its Carbon Flex technology combines two different materials – carbon and fiberglass – to create an incredibly flexible surface that amplifies your power for dynamic shots on every swing.

On top of that, it also features 3D Spin technology with raised patterns on the racquet surface that allow you to hit with more spin and accuracy. The Babolat Air Viper Padel Racket can give you the edge in any padel match. With its advanced design, this racket offers explosive power, manoeuvrability and spin – making it perfect for players of all levels!

  • Dynamic Power - Wanting to play with a carbon racket but you always feel it too stiff? Don't get to optimize carbon's explosiveness? To help you, Babolat have developed this racket with the unique Carbon Flex technology. Try it and you will discover a brand new feeling called dynamic power. Now you also have access to the power of the carbon
  • Manoeuvrability - Using your speediness to make the difference, what would you say if you could have a racket extremely manoeuvrable with even more power? You would probably think that this is not possible... But we've made it! Thanks to its new hybrid shape and its light weight, you will be able to move even faster and generate more power
  • Smart Buttcap - A versatile system that allows players to customize strap size or completely remove the wrist strap
  • Carbon Flex - A weave of two different materials on the racket surface amplifies their benefits: the explosive power of carbon combined with the easy power of fiberglass creates a flexible surface that brings you dynamic power
  • 3D Spin - Raised patterns on the racquet surface allows you to hit with more spi

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