Adidas RX 200 Light Padel Racket

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This table simplifies the detailed information into easily digestible points. Remember to refer back to the detailed guide for a more in-depth understanding.

Criteria Description/Options
Basic Components - Frame: Carbon Fiber (power) or Fiberglass (control)
- Core: Soft foam (control) or Hard foam (power)
Racket Shapes - Diamond: Power, high sweet spot
- Round: Balanced, centered sweet spot
- Teardrop: Mix, slightly higher sweet spot
Weight - Light (360-375g): Beginners, women
- Medium (375-390g): Balanced, most players
- Heavy (390g+): Advanced players
Balance - Head-Heavy: Power
- Head-Light: Control
- Even Balance: Mix of both
Surface & Texture - Smooth: Control
- Rough/Textured: Spin
Racket Thickness - Typically 36-38mm: Thicker = more power
Hole Patterns - Varies: Larger holes = more elastic racket
Player’s Level/Style - Beginners: Round, medium-weight, soft core
- Intermediate: Teardrop, medium-hard core
- Advanced: Diamond, hard core
Additional Features - Anti-vibration systems
- Reinforced edges
Budget - Set a price range before shopping
Test Before Buying - Always recommended to get a feel
Consider the Grip - Ensure comfort; can be changed
Recommendations - Seek insights from players, coaches, or reviews


Player Type: Control
Head Shape: Round
FRAME: Fiberglass
SURFACE: Fiberglass
CORE: Soft EVA Rubber
Weight: 345 g +/- 10g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance Type: Even Balance
Type of Cover: No Cover


Get the new ADIDAS Drive 3.0 padel racket, ideal for players who enter the world of padel looking for greater comfort and manageability on the court, to control every hit, achieve greater precision and comfort in the hits.

Not yet familiar with the RX200 Light? An exceptional racket for intermediate players with reduced weight. The RX200 Light incorporates STRUCTURAL POWER technology right at the heart of the racket, which in turn incorporates carbon fiber reinforcements for increased rigidity.

With the EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber and the FIBER GLASS surface you will have an extreme feeling of comfort in your shots along with an exceptional ball strike. Furthermore, the STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology reinforces the RX200 Light to make a compact and versatile racket. 


The double fiber insert in the core of the racket provides greater structural rigidity, thus increasing the power of your game. It is the core technology of the RX200 Light.


The arrangement of the equidistant holes in groups of three strengthens the surface and improves racket durability.


Our rackets are built to last. STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology incorporates perimeter reinforcements around the entire racket to generate greater resistance to the high torsional stresses experienced during impacts.

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