Yonex Astrox SMASH Badminton Racket – Pink/Purple


  • Superlight Frame : 73g
  • Head Heavy Balance (Power Frame)
  • Excellent Choice For Improving Players
  • Hi-Flex Shaft 

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    Warranty maybe voided if racket is strung above recommended tension
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Yonex has introduced a powerful lightweight racket for social players at an excellent price.

  • Weight : 73g
  • Flex : Hi-Flex
  • Balance : Head-Heavy
  • Tension : 20-28lbs

Yonex Astrox Smash Badminton Racket is the perfect choice for social and recreational players wanting an upgrade. By combining a head heavy balance with a lightweight frame, the Astrox SMASH is easy to use. The highly flexible shaft offers increased manoeuvrability and added power for improving players.

Additionally, the ISOMETRIC frame enlarges the sweet spot, allowing for high repulsion even with off-centre hits. The Astrox SMASH is an affordable choice for social players wanting an upgrade in power and speed.



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