Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 Squash Racket


  • Head Heavy Balance
  • Perfect for Hard-Hitting Players
  • Excellent Control
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    Warranty maybe voided if racket is strung above recommended tension
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This racket from Wilson’s bestselling ‘Hammer’ Range is aimed at hard hitting power players that are looking for more control.

  • Weight : 145 grams
  • Balance : Head Heavy
  • Head Size : 75.6 sq.inches
  • String Patter : 12×20

It is fitted with a 75.6in2 (488cm2) head and has a string pattern of 12 x 20. The racket is head heavy balanced for more stability and spin and comes strung with a Sensation Strike string. The Hyper Hammer 145 is perfect for hard hitting players searching for great control. It weighs 145g (5.1oz) and comes with a 3/4 cover for protection.







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