Victor Jetspeed S 11 Badminton Racket

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  • Cutting Edge Energy Bow Technology
  • Rapid Swing-Speeds
  • Explosive Power and Swift Control
  • Medium Flex and Slight Head-Heavy Balance

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Brute Power and Raw Speed. Choice of Weapon for Attacking Players

  • Flex : Medium Flex
  • Balance : Slight Head Heavy
  • Weight : 3U (85-89g unstrung)

SMASH UK is a racket specialist store with a wide range of rackets to cater to everyone. Our staff are not only experienced players themselves, but have an in-depth knowledge of rackets and strings. We offer online professional string upgrades by our team of UKRSA qualified stringers.

With speed being a cornerstone of the Jetspeed series, the Victor Jetspeed 11 combines the best parts of the Jetspeed 10 and Jetspeed 12, bringing you the ultimate attacking weapon. The JS11 makes use of Victor’s unique Aero-Sword technology to greatly reduce air resistance and allow you to produce rapid fire swings. The use of Hard-Cored Technology ensures that the Jetspeed 11 still offers you wonderful touch and feel as the other Jetspeed models.

Victor has also introduced new technologies to make the Jetspeed S11 one of its most dynamic and explosive rackets for attacking players. Firstly, the Ultra-Thin Frame is almost 7% thinner than the frame of traditional rackets and provides players with a much greater swing speed while still maintaining the stiffness and anti-torsion performance of the racket. The additional speed will allow you to defend with ease, especially when you are facing repeated attacks from your opponent from the front and back court. Secondly, the Jetspeed 11 has adopted the Energy Bow technology from the Thruster series to provide greater repulsion for each shot by preserving the energy created by each hit and releasing it instantly again.

Our View :

The medium flex and slight heavy balance ensure that the racket retain explosive power alongside its increased speed. We found that thinner frame did make a substantial difference, especially for attacking play at the front court. Repeated drives and pushes were carried out effortlessly and there was no strain in the arms that generally comes with head heavy rackets. 

Despite not being a purely head heavy racket, the Jetspeed S11 still provided explosive power for smashes. If you are an attacking player that likes to attack from the front and back of the court, the Jetspeed S11 is the perfect weapon for you.  You will find excellent power in your shots and also the increased speed will ensure you have enough time during fast-paced rallies.

Technical Specifications

  • Flex : Medium Flex
  • Balance : Slight Head Heavy
  • Frame : High Resilient Modulus Graphite + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY
  • Shaft : High Resilient Modulus Graphite + 6.8 SHAFT
  • Weight : 3U (85-89g unstrung)
  • Grip Size : G5
  • Made in: Taiwan



Innovative technology combining the two popular frame structure SWORD and AERODYNAMIC, the AERO-SWORD can efficiently reduce air resistance and following a faster and greater hit back.

Ultra- Thin Frame

A design breakthrough—ULTRA-THIN FRAME is 7% thinner than the frame of traditional rackets, helping improve the player’s swing speed while maintaining the stiffness and anti-torsion performance of the frame.

Energy Bow

Inspired by the mechanism of the bow, ENERGY BOW technique helps the frame to preserve the energy created by each hit and thus enable an instant repulsion.

Hard-Cored Technology

Inspired by military helicopter, multi-layered structure made by carbon fiber and composites, minimize material size, reinforce handling feel and performance at a critical standard.

Flash Shaft

Made by the combinations of various carbon fibers and reduce the shaft diameter to give the racket a quick resilience ability.

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