Victor Auraspeed 30H Badminton Racket

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  • Even Balance and Stiff Flex
  • Innovative FRS System
  • Quick Reflexes and Deadly Power

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Brilliant Accuracy and Deadly Power. Stiff Shaft and Even Balance.

  • Flex : Stiff
  • Balance : Even
  • Weight : 3U (80-84g)

SMASH UK is a racket specialist store with a wide range of rackets to cater to everyone. Our staff are not only experienced players themselves, but have an in-depth knowledge of rackets and strings. We offer online professional string upgrades by our team of UKRSA qualified stringers.

Victors Auraspeed 30H is another outstanding racket from their iconic Auraspeed series. The stiff shaft combines with the even balance frame to produce a lightning fast racket that is filled with explosive power. The racket offers excellent control at the front and mid –court, allowing you to intercept overheads quickly and with delicate control.  At the back-court the stiff shaft comes into effect as it allows you to deliver rapid fire smashes repeatedly with minimal reduction in power.

Additionally, Victor has improved the 76 grommet technology by combining it with the innovative FRS technology. By introducing a layer of carbon fiber around the frame, the advanced FIBER REINFORCED SYSTEM increases the racket’s elasticity greatly. This provides better stability even at high tensions, allowing you to deliver precise shots and explosive smashes with excellent control. This combined with its ULTRA THIN FRAME causes your racket to accelerate much faster and gives you steeper angles when you unleash smashes at the back-court.

The Auraspeed 30H is a racket suited for players of all abilities and playing style. Victor has designed a racket that is able to handle fast rallies with its even balance frame and still deliver exceptional power when needed.

Technical Specifications

  • Flex : Stiff
  • Balance : Even
  • Frame : Graphite+Nano Resin+ Fiber Reinforced System(FRS)
  • Shaft : Graphite+ Nano Resin +6.8 SHAFT
  • Weight : 3U (80-84g)
  • Grip : G5
  • Made in: Taiwan



The single-pass grommet hole construction creates less friction between strings, this effectively reduces tension loss, while extending string life.


A design breakthrough—ULTRA-THIN FRAME is 7% thinner than the frame of traditional rackets, helping improve the player’s swing speed while maintaining the stiffness and anti-torsion performance of the frame.


Based on the design of multi-layered carbon fiber, the advanced Fiber Reinforced System (FRS) can not only improve the elasticity, but also offer stable controllability with high tension string.

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Delivery Information


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