Prince Kano Touch 300 Squash Racket


  • Powerful and Fast
  • 140g Frame
  • TeXtreme Technology
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    Warranty maybe voided if racket is strung above recommended tension
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Excellent choice for developing players, this versatile racket offers easy power.

  • Head Size: 75in2 (483.5cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 140g (4.9oz)
  • Balance: 350mm

A solid choice for beginners, the Prince Kano Touch 300 squash racket offers increased power with each stroke thanks to a head heavy balanced frame and teardrop shaped head which is responsible for expanded sweet spot. The head is sized at 75in2 (483.5cm2), and it weighs around 140g (4.9oz) to ensure proper handling, feel and added manoeuvrability. The frame is made partially from graphite mixed in with glass, and it’s fitted with a tacky Duratac white grip. Additionally, it’s shipped strung with Prince Black Nylon 17 string in a 12 x 17 string pattern for optimal touch and more playability. Also, a full cover comes with the Kano Touch 300 for necessary protection and storing method.


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