Li-Ning Windstorm 72 (Purple/Pink) Badminton Racket


  • Lightest Racket (6U)
  • Head Light and Flexible Shaft
  • Excellent Handling
  • Suitable for Fast Front-Court Players
  • Max Tension of 30lbs
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The lightest racket in Li-Ning’s collection,the Windstorm 72 offers unparalleled speed. 

  • BALANCE POINT: Very Head Light
  • FLEX: Flexible
  • WEIGHT: 72 grams

With a super light weight (6U) and head light balance, the Li-Ning Windstorm 72 badminton racket is designed for the fast player seeking maximum speed. Its super-light weight offers fantastic handling speeds, making it perfect for attacking the net and defending.

With a flexible shaft and head heavy balance, the Windstorm 72 offers excellent power and control for players that are developing their skills and swing techniques.  Li-Ning’s UHB shaft increases the raises the racket flex point to provide increased strength and control. Players will find this especially useful when generating power in the back court and hitting half smashes. Additionally, Li-Ning’s innovative Dynamic Optimum Frame extends and enlarges the sweet spot, allowing you to have greater control even with off-center hits. The widened string area increases repulsion and works fantastically with the speed of the racket, making it more forgiving for developing players.

With a dynamic design and perfect blend of speed and control, this outstanding racket from Li-Ning will let you dominate your opponent and deliver exceptional performance.

Technical Specifications

  • CASE: Standard Case Included
  • COLOR: Orange, Blue
  • MATERIAL: Commercial Grade Carbon Fiber
  • WEIGHT: 72 grams
  • GRIP SIZE: Extra Small 3 1/8″
  • GRIP LENGTH: 200mm
  • BALANCE POINT: 315mm
  • FLEX: Flexible
  • TENSION: Vertical 24-28 lbs, Horizontal 26-30 lbs


Dynamic Optimum Frame is a high tech badminton racket frame technology that delivers exceptional offensive and defensive play characteristics and includes an enlarged sweet spot for high repulsion performance.

The Aerotec-Beam System is an extra aerodynamic badminton racket frame structure that is specially engineered to minimize air resistance while maintaining the strength of the frame. This reduces athletic fatigue resulting in a competitive advantage to the player.

Extensive research and design has resulted in the UHB Shaft for improved badminton racket flex higher up on the shaft to provide extreme strength and control. The UHB shaft improves smash performance and is especially effective when hitting half smashes.

A perfect bonding of a special nanometer carbon fiber improves strength by an astounding 20% without compromising the overall weight of the badminton racket. Rackets with TB Nano Powertech technology are a hit among those that are looking for a high level racket with a modest budget.

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Delivery Information


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