Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket


  • Lightweight and User Friendly
  • Easy Access to Spin Potential
  • FSI Power Technology
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    *String Choices
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    For all-round playability choose a medium tension (50-55lbs)

    For increased control choose an advanced tension (55 -60lbs)

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    Cross Tension

    For all-round playability choose a medium tension (50-55lbs)

    For increased control choose an advanced tension (55 -60lbs)

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Lightest racket in the powerful Pure Drive series

  • Head Size: 100 in²
  • Power Level: Low- Medium
  • Balance: 320mm (Head Light)
  • Stroke Style: Medium-Full
  • Strung Weight:  270g
  • Swing Speed: Medium – Fast

The Pure Drive Lite tennis racket offers a perfect combination of light-weight and head light balance, making it ideal for developing players and strong juniors.This fantastic racket should also appeal to intermediate players wanting a user-friendly racket that is versatile and easy to use. The 2018 version comes with Babolat’s latest FSI Power Technology which features a wider string spacing and diamond shaped grommets for increased power and spin potential. This racket provides a more whippy feel, allowing you to easily generate spin. Babolat also updates its Cortex dampening system with a visco elastic rubber material for a more muted and comfortable feel.

At the baseline the Pure Drive lite moves swiftly through the air and developing players will find it much easier to generate stroke speed for increased pace and spin on the ball. The open 16×19 stringing pattern provides increased spin which makes it an obvious choice for topspin players or anyone wanting a boost in spin potential. The lightweight frame provides excellent handling at the net, not only allowing you to react quickly to incoming shots but to finish off rallies with powerful volleys. With some nice updates, the Babolat Pure Drive Lite remains a popular option for developing players who want to improve their pace and spin.


Technical Specifications

  • Head Size: 100 in²
  • Length: 27 in
  • Strung Weight: 270g
  • Balance: 330 mm
  • Composition: Graphite+Tungsten
  • Strung With : Strung in Babolat Synthetic Gut Spiraltek 16
  • Grip Type: Babolat Syntec Team
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • Tension Range : 51 – 60lbs


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