Li-Ning Story

Li-Ning, a name synonymous with athletic excellence and innovation, embarked on its journey in the world of badminton in 1990, founded by the Chinese Olympic gymnast Li Ning.

From its inception, the brand has been dedicated to elevating the performance of badminton players across the globe through cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship.

Over the years, Li-Ning has distinguished itself as a leading force in the badminton industry, sponsoring numerous world-class athletes and major tournaments. Its commitment to quality and performance has made it a favorite among champions and enthusiasts alike, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in badminton gear and apparel.

The brand's legacy is not just built on its products but also on its contribution to the growth and popularity of badminton worldwide, making it a pivotal player in the sport's history.

Latest Arrival - Halbertec 8000

The new product of the new control series, the Halbertec 8000, is both offensive and defensive so that you can be the lethal prime power player.

Devised with a swing stabilized layout, the frame is built for high performance. The racket material is improved with the ultra T1100 paired with shock-absorbing construction for an enhanced playing experience.

A rare combination of control & power for the professional’s conquest.

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