Tennis Stringing Service


Read our detailed tennis string guide

  • Based in Manchester, our team of stringers at SMASH have a wealth of experience stringing badminton rackets and are ERSA qualified.
  • We have a fast turnaround time of next day-pick up and sometimes we offer a 1 hour-turnaround **.
  • Our prices are extremely competitive
  • At our retail store you will find a wide range of tennis strings to choose from.
  • To ensure rackets are strung to precise tensions, we use a top of the range Xpider Diamond BT Electronic stringing machine that has a precision of up to 0.1.

Need a Re-String?
  • Are your shots lacking in power?
  • Do you find your spin and slices not as sharp?
  • Are your net shots not as tight and well –controlled?
  • Does your strings sound dull and dead?
  • Do you have a broken string?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then your tennis racket needs a new restring.

Stringing Process

When you visit us we will carry out the following procedure to ensure your racket receives the highest quality of care.

  1. Inspect your racket frame thoroughly for any cracks and damages. We will not advise you to restring your racket if there are any visible cracks or significant damage to the racket frame.
  2. Inspect the grommets for any signs of damage or wear and tear.  Damaged grommets will reduce the lifespan of a new string causing it to break much faster. During our restringing process we will replace any damage grommets, taking special notice of the area where the string broke in the first place.
  3. Provide you detailed advice on which string to choose. We know it can be very confusing with the wide range of strings and brands in the current market. Our team of stringers have been stringing for many years and will provide you with detailed advice on choosing the right string for your game.  We will take into account what you are looking for; durability, power or control and offer detailed advice on which string will bring the best out of your game.
  4. Providing you with advice on the right tension for your game. String tensions are influenced by a variety of factors such as what kind of shuttles you play with and the standard you play at.  Our staff will identify the key points from your game and advice you on the best tension you should get to ensure you get the best performance possible.

Once the restring process is complete we will contact you via email or text message for you to come and pick up your freshly strung racket.

If you would like to read up on the different types of strings and tensions, then our how to choose a tennis string’ guide will provide detailed information.

Tennis Stringing Prices

We have a wide range of tennis strings available to suit all players at our store. All prices below are inclusive of string and service. 


  1. Prince Synthetic Gut With Duraflex – £ 15 (Best-Seller)
  2. Prince Warrior Response – £15
  3. Prince Premier Control – £20
  4. Prince Topspin with Duraflex- £20
  5. Prince Tour Xtra Control – £20
  6. Prince Tour Xtra Response – £20

Luxilon (Fantastic Polyester String)

  1. Luxilon Adrenaline- £20
  2. Luxilon Alu Power – £25
  3. Luxilon Alu Power Rough -£25
  4. Luxilon Alu Power Feel – £25
  5. Luxilon Alu Power Spin- £25
  6. Luxilon Alu Power Soft- £25


  1. Babolat Synthetic Gut – £15
  2. Babolat Pro Xtreme -£15
  3. Babolat Addi-xion -£25
  4. Babolat RPM Blast -£25
  5. Babolat RPM Power-£25
  6. Babolat RPM Team -£25
  7. Babolat XCEL 40 -£25


  1. Head RIP Control – £20
  2. Head Lynx – £20
  3. Head Intellitour – £25
  4. Head Hawk Touch – £25
  5. Head Gravity Hybrid – £22


  1. Wilson Sensation – £20
  2. Wilson Sensation Control – £20
  3. Wilson Sensation Plus – £20
  4. Wilson NXT Power – £25
  5. Wilson NXT Natural – £25
  6. Wilson Revolve Spin – £25
  7. Wilson Control Duo Hybrid- £35

If you are wanting a particular string not found on the list above, drop us an email or call and we will gladly order it in for you.