• Babolat No.1 Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks

Premium shuttlecock offering excellent accuracy.

  • Material : 100% Goose Feather
  • Cork : Composite
The BABOLAT 1 shuttlecock is made of the finest goose feather and solid cork. This high-quality shuttlecock was developed for international tournaments: it's intended for world-class players such as Joachim FISCHER-NIELSEN, Kenta KAZUNO, and Sashina VIGNES-WARAN. It offers excellent flight precision, making it enjoyable to play with.

Badminton Shuttlecock Specification
Brand Yonex
Shuttlecock Material Grade A Goose Feather
Game Type Advanced/Tournament

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Babolat No.1 Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks

  • Brand: Babolat
  • Product Code: Model
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £18.49

  • Ex Tax: £15.41

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